Review – Vic: Time does not matter

Vic: Time does not work, Jerry Gill and Edgar Rice Burroughs, 2013, ISBN 9781889823591

This is a story of love that really has been going on for years.

The first two parts of this book are actually a shortened version of Edgar Rice Burroughs's novel (which is why he is listed as a co-author). They are telling the story of Victoria Custer, your average resident at the beginning of the 20th century. She loves candy, her favorite color is pink, and she is very interested in hats and barrettes. She is also frightened by the earthquake and is very upset with the dreams and visions of a handsome young man whose name, finds out, Nu.

Before the millennia, Nu was part of a tribe that lived in parts of Africa, susceptible to earthquakes. It was a time when death could come anywhere and at any time, either from the bite of a snake, or because it was swallowed by a large, carnivorous beast. Nu is very interested in Nat-ula being his friend. Its "price" is the head of Ooa, a very large lion who has caused many problems in the past to his group. While on his hunt, the earthquake knocked out Nu, and sealed it in the cave for 100,000 years. Another earthquake opens its cave, and he wakes up in the 1920s. For Nu, it's a very boring place, except for a meeting with Victoria, who is there on vacation. She could be Nat-ul's identical twin sister. Attraction is direct and reciprocal.

The third part (part written by Gill) takes Victoria from a family farm in Nebraska to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. So far she has exported her inner cave (Nat-ul is now part of her), and plans to visit Maya's ruins in Chichen Itzi. Her brother, Barney, goes with her, knowing that Vic is ready to go alone. While there, Vic has many adventures, including helping to release several young children from selling into slavery, killing jaguars with one hand, and falling into the underground river, which leads to the almost devastating flying beast. Of course, Vic has a bigger reason for his own way than becoming an adventurous addict.

I really enjoyed this book. Gill is a very reliable continuation of the story of Victoria / Nat-ul. Almost everything written by the ERB will have good writing and lots of action; as well as the third part. This is a very valuable time for the reader.

Beebe + Runyan: Where are history and modern content

Situated in the scenic Heartland of America Park, overlooking the Missouri River, Beebe + Runyan is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The building began its life as a store for the trade of the river, and was built in 1913 for the furniture production company Beebe and Runyan. The eight-floor building has recently been completely renovated and converted into luxury multi-storey buildings. The construction project was the first in Nebraska to recycle 100% of produced waste, giving this luxurious development a truly green start to life. Today, Beebe + Runyan provides a rack setting for elegant one-bedroom and two-bedroom lofts and deluxe penthouse apartments near shopping, entertainment and business.

Plans for the reconstruction and conversion of the historic building Beebe + Runyan was designed and devised by the architectural bureau Leo A. Daly Sr. in the name of the company Boca Development Company, which in 2007 completed the construction of the project. renovated wood maple for the floors as well as many original beams and bricks from the original look of the building, preserving the historic look and feel of this classic building. The redesigned space has large exterior windows and atrium of six floors for enough natural light through the building, giving the whole development an open, translucent look and feel.

However, the beauty of Beebe + Runyan Luxury Lofts goes far beyond the simple cosmetic update. The entire development is designed to be environmentally friendly with energy efficient heat pumps that are equipped with electric furnaces for the coldest winter nights. Thermal windows are standard in all parts of the building and they light when cooled and heated. All natural materials were used for surface finishing through units. Even disposal bins are environmentally conscious, with recycling options that are available with standard waste trays.

Residents aware of health can use a fitness center that organizes 3,000 square meters and offers state-of-the-art exercise equipment. For entertainment, Beebe + Runyan boasts a fully equipped 2,000-square-meter community room, equipped with kitchen facilities and a 50-inch plasma TV. Concierge service is always available, and the floor garage on two floors is heated for optimum comfort.

Beebe + Runyan residents are in the immediate vicinity of numerous restaurants, galleries and shops in the historic Old Market shopping district. In addition, the employment opportunities of Creighton University, the Qwest Center, and the new Ameritrade Park Omaha Stadium are at your fingertips, making Beebe + Runyan a viable choice for Omaha professionals.

Farmers between the weather rock and the hard place for diesel fuel

American farmers in the Middle West have entered cucumbers, none of which is their fault. What is this time? Farmers in America or at least a family farmer is a dying species and it's been almost 80 years old now. This is deteriorating not only with family farms, but also with corporate farms, which affects everything from potato to corn for ethanol to food for livestock and harvest.

You see that the summer heat was significant, and the farmers of Central Valley, Montana and Rancers from Wyoming, as well as Nebraska, Kansas and Dakota, wheat farmers watched crops melt and some burn out due to fire. The worst of all these heat waves and the lack of water and dried soil are now compared to the 1930s dust dump ever read; Grape grapes?

In order to reduce harvest and transport due to the high cost of diesel fuel for agricultural equipment and trucks, is a tribute to profit margins? How serious is all this? For example, food aid in Africa is now rationalized less than half. Yes, the problems are felt halfway around the world.

Worse still than the agricultural almanac, which is exactly 80% of the time predicts this will be a serious year of the Middle Western drought. It's not good considering the current situation. Pray for the rain to say some farmers, but is it enough to tell others? Consider this all in 2006.

Great golf courses and the world

There are a large number of large golf courses around the world. The golf began as a game in Scotland (although it is sometimes controversial), and the Old Course in St. Petersburg. Andrews is easily known and generally considered to be the birthplace of golf. Other popular Scottish golf courses include Muirfield Village, Carnoustie, Royal Dornoch, Turnberry and Royal Troon.

The golf course expanded to Ireland where numerous major courses are held. Some of them include Royal County Down in Newcastle, Royal Portrush in Portrush, Ballybunion (Old), Lahinch and Portmarnock. The rest of the United Kingdom has some high-ranking courses, including Royal Birkdale, Royal St. Louis. George and Sunningdale (Old), all in England, and Royal Porthcawl in Wales. Some other courses to be kept in mind on the main continent of Europe include Morfontaine in Senlis, France, Oitavos Dunes in Cascais, Portugal and Valderrama in Sotogrande, Spain.

The United States boasts many world-class golf courses. Pebble Beach Golf Links in California are often considered one of the best, with their picturesque view of the rocky coastline along the Pacific coast. Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most prestigious private clubs in the world and hosts Masters' main golf championship each year. Other golf courses in the United States include Pinehurst Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Shinnecock Hills in Southampton, New York, Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey, Bethpage (Black) in Farmingdale, New York, Kiawah Island Golf Club in South Carolina, TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Oakmont in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, Merion (East) in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and Sand Hills in Mullen, Nebraska.

Large golf courses have spread to the world of Asia and Australia. Two of the best courses in the world are Royal Melbourne and Kingston Heath in Melbourne, Australia. Japan and Korea are both passionate golf lovers, with exceptional courses such as Hirono in Kobe, Japan, Kawana (Fuji) in Kawana, Japan, and nine bridges on Jeju Island, South Korea.

You can now find excellent courses around the world now. Other important sites for finding good golf courses are in tropical and beach climates, such as Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. Although not ranked high on the world rankings, they are very popular among tourists who want to relax and play golf on vacation while enjoying a beautiful view. Some of them include Nanea in Kailua-Konya, Hawaii, Diamante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.

Love Earth and plant tree

Trees can be very important for humans. Almost everyone can remember at least one special event in his life under the tree. Whether it's a wedding day or just a picnic, almost everyone in the world loves the peace that the trees bring naturally. Research has shown that tree planting can even make a person feel great. Planting trees is such a big thing that even we have a national holiday named after the planting of trees.

In April 1872, a man named Julius Sterling Morton wanted to improve the landscape and economy of Nebraska and planted orchards and trees in the shade. His act was an example of planting trees every year, to preserve the beauty of our world.

Shortly thereafter, many countries followed his example and began to plant trees throughout the country. This special day is called Arbor Day. Every April, many teachers and students respect the tradition of planting trees in local school yards and parks throughout the nation. In fact, in 1970, former President Richard Nixon declared last Friday of April the National Tree Day. It is famous in all fifty countries across the nation.

Of course, because of the different climatic conditions in our countries, not all trees will grow in all climatic conditions. Thus, for each country, a particular tree species is determined. For example, New York has a standard tree planting for Dan Arbor Sugar Maple, while in Morton state a standard tree for planting cottonwood. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or California, do something good for yourself and for the country. Plant the tree and watch it grow. The country will thank you.

Buffett, Creation of the American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein – Book Review

Title and Author : Buffett, The Creation of the American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein – Book Review

Content Synopsis : T

This superb written pager is the biography of the mysterious Warren Buffett from birth until 1995. It is not an "authorized" biography that freed Lowenstein from writing honestly about not only Buffett's phenomenal success as an investor but also his personal defects.

From middle-class middle-class farming in Omaha, Nebraska, the book guides you through all of its major personal and business events. See what formed this young man who was born with a fascination for numbers and business and who started his entrepreneurial career at age 6 and sold the Chiclets tire. After learning from his father about the fundamentals of stock trading, he continued studying under the famous Benjamin Graham in Colombia. He studies the fundamentals of investing values ​​there and is warned of technical or speculative investment.

In the early fifties of the last century I created small investor partnerships and continued a life-long obsession with American business. He explains his encyclopaedic knowledge of US corporations, as well as his controversial study of thousands of annual reports.

The book enters into fascinating details about the acquisition and transformation of Berkshire Hathaway, which becomes exceptionally Buffett Holding Company. You read about his engagements in a large non-alcoholic beverage company, GEICO, and many other companies, including newspapers, airlines and manufacturers. You also meet a fascinating and growing group of friends, associates and collections that he meets and expands his influence and reputation. The chapter on his short time as director of Salomon Brothers and how he saved that firm is fascinating and enchanting.

Buffett's investment performance was incomparable in American business. He surpassed the stock exchange and every other investment portfolio. It's unusual for him to do consistently more than four decades. He was also the richest man in the United States.

The book also records his personal life, his ups and downs, his relationships and family, and his friendships with reputations such as Katherine Graham and of course his longtime partner and alter ego Charlie Munger.

In spite of incredible wealth and fame, Buffett remains faithful to his hometown of Nebraska, where he continues to live according to the values ​​and ethical standards he has learned to grow up. You will easily understand why he is compared with Mark Twain and Will Rogers for his wisdom.

Readability / writing quality:

Extremely well written is the page of the converter. Written almost as a novel, the biography deals with.

Notes on Author : T

Roger Lowenstein was a Wall Street Journal reporter, author of five books and co-author of the other, wrote for many major magazines and director of his own investment fund.

Three great ideas that you can use : T

1. The only way to make money on Wall Street is to invest in value. Daily trading and speculation about the direction of the market is in vain. Buffett has shown the value of a clear understanding of the business you are investing in.

2. The Buffett genius, as it was, was described by the author as "a very genius character – patience, discipline, and rationality". This, with a lot of hard work, is the foundation of success, including the success of investment.

3. Finding shares of high value, but at a lower price and long-term investment in well-managed businesses is a key component of long-term success on the market.

Release information : T

Buffett, The Creation of the American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein

Copyright Roger Lowenstein in 1995. Main Street Books, Doubleday.

Overall book rating: Excellent

Writing style: Attractive and easy to follow.

Usability: Very useful for anyone who wants to understand what works well in investing value.

2.5 – Prepare for action: Establish principles

"Do you want to know a quick and easy way to discover the good from the wrong one?" I asked students in the classroom where I was teaching. Each head glanced up and down, showing that they were interested.

"Before I tell you, let me tell you this." I paused while the room was shutting. The pupils leaned forward while I spoke almost whispered: "You already know good from evil."

Successful people live their lives with a natural feeling of difference between good and bad. They adopted pre-established standards that help them regulate and direct their thoughts, words and deeds.

These standards, these measures, are called principles. Principles are universal truths that are widely accepted in almost every culture and every age.

A few years ago, Denver Broncos hired a coach named Josh McDaniels. The NFL received a fine of $ 50,000 and was fired by Broncos. the owner of Pat Bolen for cheating. He was caught shooting a training in San Francisco before the match.

Do you think Josh McDaniels knew it was wrong to cheat when he used an illegally acquired video cassette to prepare his team for playing? Of course he did, but he used it anyway. The pragmatism, in the case of Josh McDaniels, triumphed on the principle and it cost him $ 50,000, his job and the relative lack of clarity in football.

Tom Osborne led the University of Nebraska football team to national titles in 1994, 1995 and 1997. After his incredible career as a trainer, Nebraska citizens were elected to the US House of Representatives. After retiring from politics, in 2006 he was re-engaged at the University as an athletic director. On January 1, 2013, he withdrew from the job, with his reputation completely untouched, and his legacy of honesty, integrity and authenticity was ensured.

A reliable source told me that through Osborne's mandate as a head coach, no one had ever heard him use swear-even members of his coaching staff who were wearing headphones and heard almost every word he had uttered through the games.

No trainer, no institution, and no country can survive for a long time if decisions are made and the actions taken are first run for expediency, and the second (third or fourth) according to the principle.

Coach McDaniels chooses pragmatism; Coach Osborne chose the principle.

Jesus told the story of the man who built his house on the sand and when the winds and waves appeared, the house fell. The other person built her house on a solid rock, she saw the ending of the storms and stood strong.

Live your life with moral principles stemming from the natural law and you will live with service, friends and fulfillment. When the winds of temptation and the storm of distraction strike you, your house will stand and your heritage will be secured.

Thomas Jefferson summed it up in this way: "In style, swim with electricity, in principle, stand as a rock."

Establish "principled questions" for a wonderful, meaningful and thoughtful life.

Exploring your short story or novel – how to know that your subject is enough to write about it

If you've been writing for a long time, you've probably once or twice advised a bona fide teacher of writing or a Beta Reader to write about what you know. They usually think they're writing about things you've experienced. Although it is good to write what you know, you do not have to experience it to know it.

When I attended the University of Nebraska, I knew a science fiction writer named Cindy who had two stories published in the Analog magazine. One of those stories was criticized by the professor who writes from what I have been attending. The professor warned her to "write what she knows", and apparently was skeptical that alternative reality was something Cindy understood. This story became her first published fiction.

Although some writers have written a great fiction that grew out of their experiences, for most of us there are research. The research can range from little to intense.

As I studied, I wrote a story for a writing workshop about the guard who was cleaning the morgue during the cemetery shift. He has a habit of drinking at work and is a little drunk, so he believes that one of the bodies that turned out for the early morning autopsy is really alive, but in a coma. I've never been to the morgue so I called the Lincoln General Hospital and asked if I could come and see. A nice guy showed me around the morgue (the first thing I learned was that they did not like being called a morgue, it was a sign on the door, "Clinical assessment"), and I went home and wrote a story.

It turned out that one of my colleagues was in fact a gravitational shift guard at Lincoln General. He thought I was working there at one point. When I told him that I had just finished my research, he said that I smashed him. He asked if he still has that brain barrel … I said no, only jars containing bits of organs in the closet.

"Clinical evaluation" became my first published story, which appeared in an anthology of Pig Iron Press in 1983 New Surrealists .

Arthur Hailey was an example of a writer whose background was almost completely researched. Author of such bestseller Airport, Hotel , and The Moneychangers , Hailey would choose the industry, spend months in deep research, and set up a story in that industry. Although Hailey was a pilot, he did not have much personal experience (and most of his time did not have personal experience) about the things he was writing about. But no one could accuse Arthur Hailey of writing about things he did not know.

Whatever you write, you can fill in parts you do not know about research. Sometimes what you have not experienced can be a big part of the story.

When you research, use "living" rather than "dead" sources as much as you can, or how much you need. A dead source is anything you find in a book, an article in a journal, a document, on the Internet, or anywhere else in it. The live source is when you receive information by talking to people who have had the experience you are writing about. In the above examples, Cindy used dead sources – and her imagination – to correct her story of science fiction; Arthur Hailey and I used live sources for our research.

Make sure your research is thorough. Dean Koontz is another example of a writer who works extensively. He warns reporters to be sure he will get the tiniest details – one of his novels had to find out the color of taxis in a certain Japanese city. Do not assume you know something; find out. I thought that the jargon was "blown away" by descriptive what was happening when someone was shot; The bullet's force stabs the victim. Then I was researching him for the novel I wrote. As it turns out, you have to use a pretty large pistol to make it happen. I mean a serious big pistol. If, for example, you shot somebody with a Magnum of 357 or a shotgun, he would only fall as a potato sack, and would not fly off his legs, as in a movie that will remain without a name.

That's something somebody will know about, and it's embarrassing to be in the book signing and – paraphrase Raja Bradbury – let one of your readers say: "Man, on page 227 Joe is shot and throws him over the couch …" and you say "Yes," and he says, "No."

So write what you know, but you do not have to personally experience it to know it. You know what I mean?

Inclusion costs or formation of the LLC LLC

The decision to form a LLC or association can help protect your personal assets from the debts and obligations of your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners avoid this step because they assume it is too expensive. For several hundred dollars, these small business owners could form LLC and acquire valuable protection that could one day protect them in the event of a lawsuit.

The incorporation or establishment of a limited liability company is not necessarily costly. There are many entities that can choose, as well as countries, each with its own costs. You can also choose to work with a lawyer to turn on your business, which is usually the most cost-effective option. If you want to save money, you can make your own incorporation, but it can be awkward because even simple mistakes in paperwork can cost you later. For many small business owners, the best option is a corporate service company, an affordable option to make sure that your paperwork is correct and is immediately delivered to the state.

The following are expected costs if you are ready to get involved.

Filing Fees

For the creation of an LLC or corporation, a fee for filing an application is required. The exact fee will depend on the country you joined, but usually ranges between $ 50 and $ 350. The cheapest option is to form a LLC in the state of Delaware, since the state has the lowest application in the United States. Just remember that the cost is not your only concern, and your involvement in Delaware may not be in your best interest.

Fees for publication

If you join Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, or Nebraska, you will have to pay a $ 150 to $ 300 fee.

Fees for annual report

This fee usually ranges from $ 25 to $ 200 and depends on your state of establishment.

Taxes on franchises

This fee will be in progress and paid each year. Most small businesses pay between $ 800 and $ 1,000, and usually there is a minimum and maximum amount of tax that you will pay depending on the type of entity you choose and the number of stocks you issue. For example, the franchise tax in Delaware is at least $ 350, but it can be up to $ 180,000 for large corporations. Delaware has the lowest franchise taxes in the country.

Other expenses

You also need to consider other benefits that depend on the type of work you do. For example, you may have the costs of obtaining the necessary business licenses or setting up a business bank account.

If you are interested in involving or forming an LLC with as little cost as possible, start with the state of your engagement. You do not have to work in the country you chose, but it may be more convenient to choose your home country if it is the only country in which you work. If you're thinking about another country, look at their tax rate and compare it with your own.

It can also help you to go over your options with a corporate services company or lawyer to choose the right business structure. This decision should be made not only with regard to the costs of incorporation, but also tax incentives, current maintenance, formalities and ownership structure.

Ten reasons for this year

Over 10 million adults in the United States are alcoholics and more than 7.3 million alcohols of suspected or experienced negative consequences of alcohol use, such as arrest or involvement in an accident. If you are an alcoholic, or you know someone who is an alcoholic, here are ten good reasons to give up alcohol.

1. Excessive amount of alcohol makes you stupid. Research has shown that most alcoholics reduce brain size and reduce intellectual functioning. How much it can be reversible is still in question, but one thing is certain – the continued use only exploits the problem.

2. It destroys your sex life. In a study of normal healthy men who received 220 grams of alcohol a day for 4 weeks, testosterone levels decreased after only 5 days and continued to fall during the test period.

3. It can cost you your job. Did you ever wake up and you had to report to the sick, because you could not function after the night of drinking? Alcoholics spend millions of dollars every year on employers. No wonder the employers shoot at alcoholics.

4. It can destroy your chances of creating a family. The consequences of reproduction related to alcohol abuse and alcoholism range from infertility and an increased risk of spontaneous abortion, to disturbed growth and the development of the fetus.

5. May affect your bone development. A research carried out by Dr. Chakkalakal of the Omaha VA Medical Center in Nebraska describes how heavy drinking leads to bone loss, a greater risk of fractures, and slower healing of bone fractures.

6. It takes away nutrients from you. Pancreas normally secretes digestive enzymes, but alohol reduces this secretion. Alcohol also reduces the absorption of nutrients by damaging cells that obstruct the stomach and intestines and prevent the transport of some nutrients into the blood.

7. It's hard for kids. It is estimated that 6.6 million children under the age of 18 live in the households of alcohol households. Children from alcoholic families suffer multiple levels of depression and anxiety, show more symptoms of generalized stress, have lower self-esteem and show more behavioral problems than children from non-alcoholic families.

8. It affects your dream. Sleep disturbances associated with alcoholism include increased sleep time, frequent waking and decreased subjective sleep quality associated with daily fatigue.

9. Can damage the brain. Strong alcohol consumption can have large and far-reaching effects on the brain. These effects range from simple failures in memory to durable and exhausting states, some of which require lifelong care.

10. Almost 20,000 people die each year from alcohol-related deaths. This number excludes those who die from alcohol-related accidents and killings.