Custom Cue or Production Cue?

Many Custom Pool Cue creators have models or brochures of their characters. If you buy one of their model marks, is it still considered a custom character?

This is a question that is being discussed in many forums …

The word "custom" is used more and more is stated in the world of making notes, especially when it is a sign of sale, where one word can give a sign to a different status, which makes it "sellable". In some places it is used to categorize any two pieces …

Some of the answers are found in the definition of the word custom. Custom means & # 39; made by order & # 39; – if you did not have the entrance to the construction, then it is not a customized sign. If you & # 39; sign yours You have, by definition, "custom pool cue". Now, you sell that sign. What now? The person who bought it did not have an order. Is it still an ordinary sign? If not, what is it?

When people talk about mass production comes to mind, but how many characters companies produce before they are considered "production signs"? The word custom … means exactly that. On ordering customer's glasses, etc. If the order is ordered with a certain weight, balance point, shaft cone, bumper diameter, wire, etc. If the sign is sold to John Smith later, then it is no longer made. It's just a sign.

The focus should be on the sign, not on the creator. If, for example, each note manufacturer makes a one-time sign that looks just like a character that was built earlier by the other (but made individually and did not come from the production line), this would be considered a custom pool symbol. On the other hand, if the manufacturer of high profile has decided to massively produce the standard four pointers to buy "out of shelves", then these special characters are considered production.

There are 3 production types of characters:

  • 1. Production sign – more than 1 note made in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and aimed at targeting a general or specific market
  • 2. A customized or semi-productive custom sign – any existing (easily accessible) product mark in which "stocks" or existing specifications
  • is / is modified according to specific customer specifications (eg reduction of shaft diameter, change of envelope, engraving of the name, adding inserts or labels, etc.)

  • 3. Fully customized wire – each character made from zero in accordance with all specific customer specifications (material selection, ring design, balance, length, weight, cone, etc.)

LIMITED CUES can be any of 3 production types:

  • 1. Limited production – limited number of characters for the public
  • 2. Limited half-custom – a limited product that is modified to the specific person's specifications
  • 3. Limited Full Custom – One or more identical looks from scratch in accordance with all the specifications of a particular customer

A fully customized note will always remain a fully customized character because it is made for a particular person in mind.

The production technique used to generate signals can also influence how the sign is categorized as custom or production. The instructions can be manual or machine-assisted. Does the use of CNC disqualify the sign that it is a custom pool rod? This is the second discussion by itself, but again, if the sign is completely made by a machine, but the design is specific and original, then the answer is clear.