Mecca in the center of Nebraska

Well, it can not be easily left to me, not restaurants, and not restaurants to stop trucks, but I must admit that I'm really impressed with Bosselman's tourist center at I-80 at exit 312 in Grand Island, Nebraska. When I mentioned to former coach James that I went down to North Platte, he told me that I would probably send back the I-80 to the Grand Island in which case he owed me at least a visit to Bosselman and, if possible, spend the night. He said, and I quote, "It's one of the best trucks in America," big words for a man from Texas.

I am sure they sent me back to Grand Island this morning and made a bee line for Brosselman and I will gladly inform you that James is as good as his word. Brosselman, a modern duplex affair located on a large plot of land that offers a large number of parking spaces for 4 wheels and large platforms, is clean, modern, bright and attractive! Within its walls you will find the expected equipment for trucks such as CB radio equipment, all kinds of snack foods, a variety of drinks and an arcade game for the rivals I've ever seen.

Part of the big store offers clothes. You will not see Ralph Lauren or Louis Vitton, but you will find shirts, t-shirts, blue jeans, caps, shoes for shoes and even more neatly displayed on the shelves. Of course, there are & # 39; all trucks or RVer's needs; toothpaste, laundry soap, ready-to-eat foods or for warm and served food in large numbers and a sad choice of humor that leads to stopping the truck. But positive aspects far outweigh the negative.

But on the first floor there is a barbecue (on the second floor in an open play room with billiard tables and a soccer game). There is also a CB radio store, bindery and sign store, and a law office (sometimes truck drivers need lawyers).

My personal favorite, however, are two cinemas, TWO! Up and down the hallway to the showers are two small cinemas with recent film releases. I had to use it even though I knew it would be expensive. I went into a theater and found it to be empty, but that I was showing stories about the film that was supposed to show, "No Country for Old Men", the recent Oscar winner I wanted to see. Without knowing what to do, I went down the stairs to the fuel dispenser and asked one of the attendees to watch the movie. "What do I have to do to see a movie?" I asked. She asked what film I want to see. "I'll get one of them to get you started," she said cheerfully.
"How much does it cost?" I asked as my hand reached my pocket for my trembling wallet. "Nothing," she said. "It's free."

I swear at that moment that it seemed to me that the whole stand of the truck was quiet and everyone looked at me to see my reaction. "Free?" I was kidding. Yes, and free. I was sitting through the whole movie as if sitting in my own private room. What a treat! Later, I will see another first film.

Tonight I'll have dinner at Brosselman just to support this great place. Okay, maybe I'll just have a salad bar, but I will use this neat place and suggest that you use it. Brosselman's tourist center is actually a soft truck in downtown Nebraska.