Exercise to be Christ as a Christian disciple

Learning students requires practice. People learn working. No one becomes Christ by thinking only of him. In August 2008, Nebraska's Philip Dillard was quoted in the Omaha World Herald about what Bo Pelini and other defense coaches in Nebraska were expecting. "They're not trying to fix things since last year, but just training their defense.

Is learning how to live a Christian life differently? Jesus told his disciples what to do, and they supposedly should have done it. Of course, at first, they did not do the perfect thing, just like us. That's why we train. The key to spiritual growth is more than learning biblical facts. We become Christ as practicing the divine way of life.

Rosie Ruiz was the first woman to cross the finish line on the Boston Marathon in 1981. She achieved the third fastest time ever recorded for a female runner. But ironically, she was barely sweating. The race officials immediately began to question her victory and she was disqualified. When the truth came out, it seems that soon after the race began, Rosie deliberately drove off the track, took the subway to a point near the goal, jumped back into the race and positioned itself as a winner. In an interview between Rosie and the sports reporter (before she found out), Rosie asked: "How were you preparing for the race, what kind of interview did you lead?" Rosie replied: "What's the interval?" Can you imagine a follower of Christ who asks, "What is spiritual discipline?"

The American marathon runner, Frank Shorter, says it's best. Literally a few minutes after Frank finished at the Montreal Olympics in 1976, the journalist asked him, "I know you have to be disappointed with the silver." Frank looked at the journalist calmly and said: "Well, of course, I wanted to win a gold medal. . But the question that I have to ask now is: "Will I commit myself to running 10 miles a day, every day, in the next 4 years?"

Who do you discipline? Who do you work with to be Christ? What spiritual disciples do you practice? Jesus said: "A wise man hears my words and carries them into action."