The best quartet in college history

When people imagine that footballers, a position they often imagine themselves, play a quota of the quota. A square player takes the field and commands the respect of his teammates. Because expectations about the quota are so high, many are decaying, but others are able to take advantage of their opportunity and create a lasting legacy for themselves. Quarterly scorers of soccer college specially left traces on the match.

The first bek to be mentioned on this list is Tim Tebow. Many have a negative opinion about Tebow because of professional football failures and sports news, but no one can deny that it was an incredible quota for Florida. He is one of the few players who stay for four years in college, and this really improves his statistics. In four seasons, Tebow threw more than 9,000 meters and 88 touchdowns. These statistics are impressive enough, but Tebow was also a threat that led the ball, getting slightly less than 3000 yards and hitting it another 57 times. These statistics are funny and Tebow brings even more to the table with two Maxwell Awards, All American Choice and Heisman Trophy.

Following Tebowa, the former Nebraska boss Tommie Frazier was soon in discussion. Frazier was an incredible athlete in Nebraska and ended his career with a throw of 3,500 yards and 43 touchdowns. Frazier was also a good scrabble like Tebow, rushing for just under 2000 yards in his 36-touchdown career. What Frazier really separates from others is his recognition and leadership. Frazier was the All American Consensus and won the Johnny Unitas Gold Award in 1995.

The last brave man who has the right to this honor is Davey O'Brien. Playing football since the 1930s, O'Brien was the driving force for horned frogs. In 1938 he had an incredible throwing season for 1,500 yards and 19 touchdowns, much for that time. O'Brien also knew how to get caught, rushing for 400 yards and three touchdowns. O'Brien also led the TCU to the national championship of that season and became the first player to reach the Consensus All American and won the trophies of Maxwell and Heisman in the same season. The prize awarded to the best quota of the college every year is also awarded in the B & H's name.

Although there are an unlimited number of rejections that might be featured on this list, these three quadrant players deserve to be some of the first ones mentioned.