Red Dye Diesel – Red diesel fuel that costs less

If you own a construction company or use agricultural equipment, you may be paying too much for your diesel fuel. Red-colored diesel has the same chemical composition as diesel # 2, but a red pigment is added. Red diesel costs less, because it can be used for any vehicle powered by diesel engines that does not ride on roads, and therefore is free of state duty for roads. In California, for example, red-colored diesel fuel is around 40.50 to 50.50 per gallon than diesel # 2 due to the lack of state road taxes. Here's a closer look at the types of off-road vehicles that use red diesel and businesses that could have the most benefits since switching to red diesel.

Construction companies rely on diesel fuel to power their excavators, cranes, bulldozers, Bobcats and even their diesel generators. Moving large objects such as loadings of reinforcement, floors and steel beams do not match large parts of equipment like these. However, with such terrain vehicles, the gas is burned in large quantities. According to the website of the testing laboratory in Nebraska, construction vehicles differ significantly in gallons that are used per hour depending on the size of the vehicle.

With the smallest bulldozers using less than 4 gal / h, and with the greatest spillage of 18 Gal / h, the day of operation can cost thousands of dollars of fuel costs! For just one large construction vehicle running 9 hours per day at 18 gal / h (to $ 3.00 per gallon), the cost for diesel # 2 would be $ 486.00 per day. If instead of a red diesel, the price would only be $ 396.90 per day for $ 2.45 a gallon! Savings: $ 89.10 per vehicle, per day. With more construction vehicles in operation, the construction company can save thousands of dollars every day in the cost of diesel fuel.

Farmers are another type of business that can financially use diesel fuel in red. Agricultural equipment, including tractors, bulldozers, combines, Bobcats and diesel generators, can use red diesel instead of diesel. For multiple tractors and agricultural equipment that drives your diesel engine from sun to sun, savings can be significantly increased every day! For $ 3.00 per gallon for diesel # 2 versus $ 2.45 per gallon for red-colored diesel, a 10-hour day can cost $ 63.25 less per vehicle!

Although some people use red color in their state-of-the-art diesel engines, this is illegal. The Californian highway patrol has paper sticks to test the presence of red in consumer vehicles and will greatly strengthen the driver if the rod exits the tank with classical red shades. All agricultural equipment and construction vehicles can use this cheaper fuel, and business owners can immediately start saving money. In this poor economy, saving money is more important than ever. Other companies that can use this fuel instead are traveling emissions that use diesel generators such as road shows, carnivals and fairs. Start saving money today by switching to a red diesel fight!