Individually and seventy

An inspirational true love story … What if you're still single at 70?

Does this question sound like your worst nightmare? What if … you wake up in the seventies and discover that the space next to you in the bed is still empty.

Will you feel that your life was a total failure?

You should not.

The truth is that most women will be alone in the 1970s. The reason for this is mainly due to the lack of men who usually do not live as long as women.

My mother was alone in the seventies. After thirty-six years of marriage with my father, five years old with a guy in the fifties … after which another five years of coming out in good, bad and ugly. the love of her life. His name was Leo and they met in a very cosmic way.

My mother planned to move to Arizona from Nebraska. The reason was to throw off the winter in the Middle West, as well as to get closer to your truth. Two weeks before she planned to leave Nebraska on a trip to Arizona, my mother came out with a girl at a local bar in the city. Always dressed, my mother was never like sitting and complaining herself.

When she entered the bar, she saw many of the same people who for years had planned their rear sides at the bar chairs of this small hole for watering. Still, while she knew herself, she noticed a gentleman across a room she had never seen before. He was tall, handsome and respectable. He was her type and was surprised where he came from. In a few moments, this man started toward my mother and as he approached, he reached for her and asked if she would love to dance. Of course, my mother said "yes!"

They were dancing as if they were dancing a thousand times just like they did. Their bodies slid across the dance floor as if no one else was in that place. They locked their eyes and my mother said, "Where did you come from?" He whispered into my mother's ear … telling her story of her granddaughter, Sylly. She was married and was in the city to take her down this passage. His home … was in Arizona. My mother, with sixty-five years … spent the next ten years of her life in Arizona and worshiped this man. The fellows of the soul, they were, indeed.

For those of you who believe that if you do not find love forty, you will never … well, I think this story shows the falsehood of that thinking, right?

Unfortunately, Leo died a year ago, and my mother is now seventy – something … and now it's one, again for this moment. Still, how can that be a bad thing? My mother's journey was full of love, children, granddaughter and now is the time to enjoy the rest of your trip.

I'll tell you, to this day … I'm amazed that my mother never seemed to have a date. He introduces men to dancing and social events. They enjoyed her company because they never allowed life or life situations to slow down the desire to be a fun person to be around. I should be lucky to be seventy and something happy, like my mother, regardless of my relationship.

Love can come at any time, anytime, anywhere in the world. Love is not discriminatory by age.