Love Earth and plant tree

Trees can be very important for humans. Almost everyone can remember at least one special event in his life under the tree. Whether it's a wedding day or just a picnic, almost everyone in the world loves the peace that the trees bring naturally. Research has shown that tree planting can even make a person feel great. Planting trees is such a big thing that even we have a national holiday named after the planting of trees.

In April 1872, a man named Julius Sterling Morton wanted to improve the landscape and economy of Nebraska and planted orchards and trees in the shade. His act was an example of planting trees every year, to preserve the beauty of our world.

Shortly thereafter, many countries followed his example and began to plant trees throughout the country. This special day is called Arbor Day. Every April, many teachers and students respect the tradition of planting trees in local school yards and parks throughout the nation. In fact, in 1970, former President Richard Nixon declared last Friday of April the National Tree Day. It is famous in all fifty countries across the nation.

Of course, because of the different climatic conditions in our countries, not all trees will grow in all climatic conditions. Thus, for each country, a particular tree species is determined. For example, New York has a standard tree planting for Dan Arbor Sugar Maple, while in Morton state a standard tree for planting cottonwood. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or California, do something good for yourself and for the country. Plant the tree and watch it grow. The country will thank you.