Review – Vic: Time does not matter

Vic: Time does not work, Jerry Gill and Edgar Rice Burroughs, 2013, ISBN 9781889823591

This is a story of love that really has been going on for years.

The first two parts of this book are actually a shortened version of Edgar Rice Burroughs's novel (which is why he is listed as a co-author). They are telling the story of Victoria Custer, your average resident at the beginning of the 20th century. She loves candy, her favorite color is pink, and she is very interested in hats and barrettes. She is also frightened by the earthquake and is very upset with the dreams and visions of a handsome young man whose name, finds out, Nu.

Before the millennia, Nu was part of a tribe that lived in parts of Africa, susceptible to earthquakes. It was a time when death could come anywhere and at any time, either from the bite of a snake, or because it was swallowed by a large, carnivorous beast. Nu is very interested in Nat-ula being his friend. Its "price" is the head of Ooa, a very large lion who has caused many problems in the past to his group. While on his hunt, the earthquake knocked out Nu, and sealed it in the cave for 100,000 years. Another earthquake opens its cave, and he wakes up in the 1920s. For Nu, it's a very boring place, except for a meeting with Victoria, who is there on vacation. She could be Nat-ul's identical twin sister. Attraction is direct and reciprocal.

The third part (part written by Gill) takes Victoria from a family farm in Nebraska to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. So far she has exported her inner cave (Nat-ul is now part of her), and plans to visit Maya's ruins in Chichen Itzi. Her brother, Barney, goes with her, knowing that Vic is ready to go alone. While there, Vic has many adventures, including helping to release several young children from selling into slavery, killing jaguars with one hand, and falling into the underground river, which leads to the almost devastating flying beast. Of course, Vic has a bigger reason for his own way than becoming an adventurous addict.

I really enjoyed this book. Gill is a very reliable continuation of the story of Victoria / Nat-ul. Almost everything written by the ERB will have good writing and lots of action; as well as the third part. This is a very valuable time for the reader.