Individually and seventy

An inspirational true love story … What if you're still single at 70?

Does this question sound like your worst nightmare? What if … you wake up in the seventies and discover that the space next to you in the bed is still empty.

Will you feel that your life was a total failure?

You should not.

The truth is that most women will be alone in the 1970s. The reason for this is mainly due to the lack of men who usually do not live as long as women.

My mother was alone in the seventies. After thirty-six years of marriage with my father, five years old with a guy in the fifties … after which another five years of coming out in good, bad and ugly. the love of her life. His name was Leo and they met in a very cosmic way.

My mother planned to move to Arizona from Nebraska. The reason was to throw off the winter in the Middle West, as well as to get closer to your truth. Two weeks before she planned to leave Nebraska on a trip to Arizona, my mother came out with a girl at a local bar in the city. Always dressed, my mother was never like sitting and complaining herself.

When she entered the bar, she saw many of the same people who for years had planned their rear sides at the bar chairs of this small hole for watering. Still, while she knew herself, she noticed a gentleman across a room she had never seen before. He was tall, handsome and respectable. He was her type and was surprised where he came from. In a few moments, this man started toward my mother and as he approached, he reached for her and asked if she would love to dance. Of course, my mother said "yes!"

They were dancing as if they were dancing a thousand times just like they did. Their bodies slid across the dance floor as if no one else was in that place. They locked their eyes and my mother said, "Where did you come from?" He whispered into my mother's ear … telling her story of her granddaughter, Sylly. She was married and was in the city to take her down this passage. His home … was in Arizona. My mother, with sixty-five years … spent the next ten years of her life in Arizona and worshiped this man. The fellows of the soul, they were, indeed.

For those of you who believe that if you do not find love forty, you will never … well, I think this story shows the falsehood of that thinking, right?

Unfortunately, Leo died a year ago, and my mother is now seventy – something … and now it's one, again for this moment. Still, how can that be a bad thing? My mother's journey was full of love, children, granddaughter and now is the time to enjoy the rest of your trip.

I'll tell you, to this day … I'm amazed that my mother never seemed to have a date. He introduces men to dancing and social events. They enjoyed her company because they never allowed life or life situations to slow down the desire to be a fun person to be around. I should be lucky to be seventy and something happy, like my mother, regardless of my relationship.

Love can come at any time, anytime, anywhere in the world. Love is not discriminatory by age.

Red Dye Diesel – Red diesel fuel that costs less

If you own a construction company or use agricultural equipment, you may be paying too much for your diesel fuel. Red-colored diesel has the same chemical composition as diesel # 2, but a red pigment is added. Red diesel costs less, because it can be used for any vehicle powered by diesel engines that does not ride on roads, and therefore is free of state duty for roads. In California, for example, red-colored diesel fuel is around 40.50 to 50.50 per gallon than diesel # 2 due to the lack of state road taxes. Here's a closer look at the types of off-road vehicles that use red diesel and businesses that could have the most benefits since switching to red diesel.

Construction companies rely on diesel fuel to power their excavators, cranes, bulldozers, Bobcats and even their diesel generators. Moving large objects such as loadings of reinforcement, floors and steel beams do not match large parts of equipment like these. However, with such terrain vehicles, the gas is burned in large quantities. According to the website of the testing laboratory in Nebraska, construction vehicles differ significantly in gallons that are used per hour depending on the size of the vehicle.

With the smallest bulldozers using less than 4 gal / h, and with the greatest spillage of 18 Gal / h, the day of operation can cost thousands of dollars of fuel costs! For just one large construction vehicle running 9 hours per day at 18 gal / h (to $ 3.00 per gallon), the cost for diesel # 2 would be $ 486.00 per day. If instead of a red diesel, the price would only be $ 396.90 per day for $ 2.45 a gallon! Savings: $ 89.10 per vehicle, per day. With more construction vehicles in operation, the construction company can save thousands of dollars every day in the cost of diesel fuel.

Farmers are another type of business that can financially use diesel fuel in red. Agricultural equipment, including tractors, bulldozers, combines, Bobcats and diesel generators, can use red diesel instead of diesel. For multiple tractors and agricultural equipment that drives your diesel engine from sun to sun, savings can be significantly increased every day! For $ 3.00 per gallon for diesel # 2 versus $ 2.45 per gallon for red-colored diesel, a 10-hour day can cost $ 63.25 less per vehicle!

Although some people use red color in their state-of-the-art diesel engines, this is illegal. The Californian highway patrol has paper sticks to test the presence of red in consumer vehicles and will greatly strengthen the driver if the rod exits the tank with classical red shades. All agricultural equipment and construction vehicles can use this cheaper fuel, and business owners can immediately start saving money. In this poor economy, saving money is more important than ever. Other companies that can use this fuel instead are traveling emissions that use diesel generators such as road shows, carnivals and fairs. Start saving money today by switching to a red diesel fight!

Joseph Robidoux Found St Joseph, Missouri (also called St Joe, MO)

St. Joseph, Missouri, was founded by fur trader Joseph Robidoux who lived from 1783 to 1868. A location in northwest Missouri where Joseph Robidoux founded his trading post at Blacksnake Hills is a modern day in St. Louis. Louis. Joseph, Missouri, with about 75,000 inhabitants.

For years, before he found one of these days, the ten largest cities in the state of Missouri, Robidoux, grew up on the other side of the state in St. Louis. Louis. Louis, Missouri, where he had six brothers. From an early age, Joseph and his brothers studied the family business of fur trade from their father, who in the eighth century began sending Joseph up and down the Missouri River as a teenager to perfect his trade.

In the present city of Chicago, Joseph Robidoux set up a fur trade near Fort Dieborn, Illinois, but ironically his success led to his death. As the legend says that Joseph was so profitable a young businessman that the more established elderly men who deal with his crafts were not very kindly thinking that young people and their peers stepped into their territory and prevented their establishment. To correct the disturbance that Joseph caused in Fort Dieburn, locals persuaded local Indians to threaten and disturb Josip until he literally escaped from the city.

After leaving Illinois, Joseph established itself in today's Omaha, Nebraska and settled in with his other wife (after the death of his first wife, Eugenia 1805) with the marriage of 1813. Angelique Vaudry. Between two marriages, Joseph had eight children (two from the first marriage and six from the other), and today the names of many of these children are adorned with some of the most commonly used streets in the city of St. Louis. founded. Among the names of his children who have since been enamored by the streets that are in their honor, Messanie, Pharaoh, Francis, Felix and Edmond. Although these names seem to have been most obsolete for most of the twenty-first century people, anyone who spent a significant amount of time around St. John's. Louisa. Joseph, Missouri, immediately recognizes these names as some of the city's busiest streets.

Joseph Robidoux sold his successful Nebraska fur trade in 1822 to the American company Fur and decided to leave the area after being motivated by the American company Fur with an annual payment of $ 1,000 to comply with a ban on competition.

After spending time in St. After he sold his business to a US furry company, Robidoux was subsequently hired by US company Fur to launch a Blacksnake Hills shopping mall in northwest Missouri near Kansas City. city ​​St. Louis. Joseph, Missouri, who kept his name for more than 150 years.

Study of the growth of wrestling from the early age to modern America

Different regions display different styles of wrestling. In China, Shuai Jiao, which is the oldest wrestling style, was created 4000 years ago. Wrestling was equally popular in Egypt, as described in their works of art and some tombs. Greek and Roman wrestling are very similar to how this has been adopted and adapted the Greek style of wrestling to their culture. England saw that wrestling became popular in the 1500s and was categorized by a general pattern of wrestling that was later organized into professional sports. The United States is the most popular style developed by the Iraqi, known as the "necklace and elbow".

After the American Civil War, free-style wrestling became the most popular in the United States. Gradually, an adult brunette was established as a professional sport, and in 1904, free wrestling got its place at the Olympic Games.

The style of wrestling practiced at the school and college level in the United States is called collegiate wrestling. It is also sometimes called folkstyle wrestling. Drawing very close parallels with folk styles of wrestling, which are practiced from the earliest days. However, college wrestling has some differences with adult or professional wrestling. But regardless of differences, the ultimate goal of the game is to draw the same result. Both of these styles in the end aim to strike the opponent on the floor.

The first match between colleges was between the University of Pennsylvania and Yale in 1900. It was the beginning of the most popular form and style of wrestling in all of America. It is believed that it was part of amateur wrestling for a long time, but only in the late 1970s, the world of wrestling saw great growth and development. Wrestling finally found its recognition in America by establishing an American wrestling foundation.

Taking collegial wrestling to the next level are many universities that have dedicated wrestling teams competing on several levels. Among the fast-growing team is Nebraska University. In March 2009, the University of Nebraska released news on the fourth place at the NCAA Wrestling Championship. Iowa and Ohio came first and second.

This amazing victory for Nebraska was soon followed by a shocking news about Paul Donahoe and matchmaker Kenny Jordan, naked pictures spreading in a gay porn site. Rising stars in the world of wrestling Paul Donahoe cost him in Lincoln and led to a debate on the double standards of the sports department in Nebraska.

Agritourism Ventures, Agritainment Activities and liability insurance

Agrotourism and Agrina – What is it?

Those of you who can ask themselves what exactly is an agrotourism or agrarian enterprise, is simply the use of existing resources such as agricultural land or other natural resources to increase the profitability of farm work or ranch. For example, a farmer with 2,200 hectares decides to advertise a guided hunt in his country for a pistol or per day compensation. Many landowners in rural America have major hunting habitats in the canyons and hills surrounding their fields, and allowing hunters to "pay for the game" can be an additional source of income for these farmers and ranchers. Other examples of agrotourism include bed and breakfast, farm days, pumpkins, horseback riding, riding, cabin rental, homemade walking trails, bird watching, vineyard touring and more.

Liability insurance is basic

In my experience with insurance in agriculture and agriculture, I had the privilege of working with the leading agency for agri-tourism marketing. This company provides not only the online market for agrotourism and agro-business, but also analyzes the probability of success of the new venture and makes recommendations to ensure successful investment.

With all the planning and preparation that starts in the agritourism, one of the most important parts of the puzzle is the assurance of responsibility for these activities. Many people assume they will have coverage within their current farm or ranch policy. The problem with this assumption is that they are probably very limited if any liability insurance for unforeseen agricultural policy is covered. Some companies offer hunting and / or fishing permits to their policies, but these approvals were not intended or provide coverage for commercial agrotourism.

Your current coverage may not be adequate

The standard insurance policy for the farm / ranch aims to cover the risks associated with normal "everyday" breeding exhibitions. This includes things like keeping your implementation down the highway or protecting your new pivot system from falling in the wind. Agricultural farms policies are not a substitute for commercial insurance coverage, and there is a potential for devastating loss.

When the owner or owner of the property enters into a commercial venture that is beyond normal agricultural operations, the farm's policy is not designed to cover additional exposures. Specialized commercial coverage must be purchased, which in many cases can only be provided on the surplus and surplus market (E & S) since most insured insurers do not provide the rewards needed for adequate coverage of agricultural policy. The benefit of using a specialized carrier is coverage that can be tailored specifically to your specific activity, and insurers and loss control will be experienced and educated. The disadvantage is the higher cost of covering excess lines. There is generally a higher minimum premium linked to the policy of surplus lines, as well as specialized taxes on excess line policies in some countries.


Agrotourism and agrotechnology activities are a great way to showcase resources in many rural areas. Insurance is necessary to protect the property of the landowners, because, as he says, the day in the courtroom can cost you a lifetime. Coverage is available for many activities, but your local insurance agent can not be the best source of information about these specialized coverage. Do not assume that you have coverage and do not allow your local agent to misinterpret support policies. If you have questions about current policy cover, contact your insurance company directly and ask specific questions about your cover.

The best quartet in college history

When people imagine that footballers, a position they often imagine themselves, play a quota of the quota. A square player takes the field and commands the respect of his teammates. Because expectations about the quota are so high, many are decaying, but others are able to take advantage of their opportunity and create a lasting legacy for themselves. Quarterly scorers of soccer college specially left traces on the match.

The first bek to be mentioned on this list is Tim Tebow. Many have a negative opinion about Tebow because of professional football failures and sports news, but no one can deny that it was an incredible quota for Florida. He is one of the few players who stay for four years in college, and this really improves his statistics. In four seasons, Tebow threw more than 9,000 meters and 88 touchdowns. These statistics are impressive enough, but Tebow was also a threat that led the ball, getting slightly less than 3000 yards and hitting it another 57 times. These statistics are funny and Tebow brings even more to the table with two Maxwell Awards, All American Choice and Heisman Trophy.

Following Tebowa, the former Nebraska boss Tommie Frazier was soon in discussion. Frazier was an incredible athlete in Nebraska and ended his career with a throw of 3,500 yards and 43 touchdowns. Frazier was also a good scrabble like Tebow, rushing for just under 2000 yards in his 36-touchdown career. What Frazier really separates from others is his recognition and leadership. Frazier was the All American Consensus and won the Johnny Unitas Gold Award in 1995.

The last brave man who has the right to this honor is Davey O'Brien. Playing football since the 1930s, O'Brien was the driving force for horned frogs. In 1938 he had an incredible throwing season for 1,500 yards and 19 touchdowns, much for that time. O'Brien also knew how to get caught, rushing for 400 yards and three touchdowns. O'Brien also led the TCU to the national championship of that season and became the first player to reach the Consensus All American and won the trophies of Maxwell and Heisman in the same season. The prize awarded to the best quota of the college every year is also awarded in the B & H's name.

Although there are an unlimited number of rejections that might be featured on this list, these three quadrant players deserve to be some of the first ones mentioned.

Exercise to be Christ as a Christian disciple

Learning students requires practice. People learn working. No one becomes Christ by thinking only of him. In August 2008, Nebraska's Philip Dillard was quoted in the Omaha World Herald about what Bo Pelini and other defense coaches in Nebraska were expecting. "They're not trying to fix things since last year, but just training their defense.

Is learning how to live a Christian life differently? Jesus told his disciples what to do, and they supposedly should have done it. Of course, at first, they did not do the perfect thing, just like us. That's why we train. The key to spiritual growth is more than learning biblical facts. We become Christ as practicing the divine way of life.

Rosie Ruiz was the first woman to cross the finish line on the Boston Marathon in 1981. She achieved the third fastest time ever recorded for a female runner. But ironically, she was barely sweating. The race officials immediately began to question her victory and she was disqualified. When the truth came out, it seems that soon after the race began, Rosie deliberately drove off the track, took the subway to a point near the goal, jumped back into the race and positioned itself as a winner. In an interview between Rosie and the sports reporter (before she found out), Rosie asked: "How were you preparing for the race, what kind of interview did you lead?" Rosie replied: "What's the interval?" Can you imagine a follower of Christ who asks, "What is spiritual discipline?"

The American marathon runner, Frank Shorter, says it's best. Literally a few minutes after Frank finished at the Montreal Olympics in 1976, the journalist asked him, "I know you have to be disappointed with the silver." Frank looked at the journalist calmly and said: "Well, of course, I wanted to win a gold medal. . But the question that I have to ask now is: "Will I commit myself to running 10 miles a day, every day, in the next 4 years?"

Who do you discipline? Who do you work with to be Christ? What spiritual disciples do you practice? Jesus said: "A wise man hears my words and carries them into action."

The importance of insurance

According to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), it is reported that between one and eight drivers there is no auto insurance. This means that the vast majority of people you drive every day are not insured – a situation that can put you at risk. And while it's true that you can sue an uninsured driver if he strikes you, it's more than likely that your car insurance will pay under the cover of an uninsured engine that you have on your own policy (which is the law of Nebraska). Most people do not even know what the coverage is or what their limit is.

In Nebraska, for example, the minimum coverage of liability under the law is $ 25,000 / $ 50,000 / $ 25,000. Busted, it's $ 25,000 per person and up to $ 50,000 for total accidents. The remaining $ 25,000 will pay for property damage such as someone's car or house. More often than not, motorized drivers who are not insured / unsecured will correspond to their coverage. So in this case it would be $ 25,000 / $ 50,000. With medical expenses every year, as well as the number of lawsuits filed, it is necessary to ensure that you have adequate insurance. The existence of high responsibility, as well as a high unsecured / insufficiently secured driver, is one of the cheapest ways to isolate yourself from a financially variable event.

When talking about your home insurance, not all policies are created equally and if you do not know what you are looking at, when you have a claim that they could potentially be thousands of dollars. When looking at home insurance, you want to be sure that you have replacement costs for all your personal belongings as well as your roof. As costs increase for insurance companies, they will get rid of coverage that was once covered in an effort to not raise rates to avoid losing clients. Most people never look at the small print, only at a price. Another coverage you want to provide is the coverage of jewelry, fur, fine arts and weapons. The easiest way to find out how you're covered is to ask: "What are my limitations for specific items?" This will tell you which items are not covered by the limitation of your personal property and what are all the coverage.

To make sure that you are properly covered, it is recommended that you review your policy and coverage by an agent annually. The worst situation is not the coverage you need after an accident.

The business of agriculture – without breeding most of the time makes a lot of sense

Water is necessary when it comes to agriculture. Just ask anyone on the Mekong River to leave China, the water does not flow for most of the year, or there is no water at all. Why? Well, through the problems, plus, China has put tons of hydroelectric dams on the upper river. This is a big problem, not just for those who live by the river to fish and need water for irrigation, but also for drinking. Now they have to dig wells, which is good for some time.

This only undermines the future of agriculture around the world. And just because we live in abundance in the US does not mean that we are not without risk. In fact, the Ogallal aquifer is caused by discharges for agriculture and city water to the extent that it could be dried in the past. In some areas, it already has, for example along the WY – Nebraska boundary.

What is the solution? Some believe that no-till agriculture is a solution or at least one of the solutions. By using these methods, more than half of the water can be used, sometimes up to 75% or more. No, it's not the answer at all, but it's definitely part of the solution. Not long ago I talked to the acquaintance about this and asked if I had heard of "No Till Farming", I really did.

"Yes, I've been watching special Discovery Channel shows about non-breeding in the US, Africa, India, Australia and Southeast Asia, where the lack of groundwater has reached the super-drought, although it makes sense all the time in many places." One of the newsletters I'm downloading is "TX H20" and is included in Baylor College and other universities that work on these studies, are really advanced for West Texas, KS, West Nebraska, southeast WY, Oklahoma (remember the dust container).

They had a great success that drastically reduces water needs, maintaining moisture in the soil, you're right, it works! If you have a home garden, it's a wise idea to do it in your garden. My acquaintance also pointed to the problem of compaction of soil, which is another important thing.

In the future, we will have to do more and keep increasing yields, and we will have to achieve this lofty goal using even less water. This means the planting of especially genetically modified crops that use less water and change the way we treat it. In fact, I hope you will explore this and learn about this important issue.

Success for minimum wage

Despite the massive republican sweeping on election day, on November 4, 2014, measures to increase the minimum wage have increased in four countries with comfortable margins of victory:

Arkansas – The profit will grow from 6.25 to 8.50 dollars an hour by 2017 (66% of votes)

Nebraska – From $ 7.25 to $ 9 per hour (59% of votes)

Alaska – Alaska will make an increase to $ 9.75 per hour in 2016 (69% of votes)

South Dakota – From $ 7.25 to $ 8.50 per hour (55% of votes)

Also, Illinois has adopted a non-binding referendum on increasing the minimum wage to $ 10 per hour. Every measure before the voters was passed. About 420,000 workers in these countries will see an increase in salaries, thanks to this vote.

In his speech in January 2014, President Barack Obama called on Congress to increase the federal minimum wage from $ 7.25 to $ 10.10 an hour. However, Republicans from the Senate later blocked the legislation. The fans had 54 votes, but 60 needed to improve that law. Shortly thereafter, the president signed an executive order increasing the salary to $ 10.10 for individuals working on new federal service contracts.

Ironically, voters have approved an increase in the minimum wage in the same countries that the Republicans have entered into office. The GOP generally opposes such an increase, looking at this action as a killer of work. "When you increase the cost of something, you will get less of it," said John Boehner, President of the House earlier this year. "We know from an increase in the minimum wage in the past that hundreds of thousands of low income Americans lost their jobs."

There are prominent Republicans who disagree with this position, including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, and former governor of Minnesota Tim Paulenti. Senator Susan Collins from Maine has even tried to intervene in a compromise for a slight increase in the minimum wage earlier this year.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, increasing the minimum wage would have two main effects on low-wage workers. Most of them would receive a higher salary that would increase the income of their family, and some of these families would rise above the federal poverty threshold. But some jobs for low-wage workers are likely to be eliminated. The income of most workers who became unemployed would be significantly reduced, and the share of employees who were employed with low wages would probably be slightly reduced.

The current federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour is part of the Fair Work Standards Act (FLSA). However, FLSA does not replace any national or local laws that are more favorable to employees. If the state has a salary that is higher than the federal minimum, employers subject to the law on state salaries are obliged to pay their employees a higher rate. In total, around 13 countries increased salaries this year and, according to the Economic Council's Advisory Council, about 7 million workers will benefit from these increases until 2017.