Creative Use of Web Conferences, Part 1

Web conferencing has been used so far in business applications. However, when people begin to realize that they can overcome all geographic barriers to online conferences, then some truly creative uses of this technology will begin to grow in all areas of life.

In fact, this is already happening here and here are some examples of how the conferences make what was impossible today, possible today.

When a resident of Nebraska, Cindy Holsing, found out that her two daughters, two daughters of the same day last spring, graduated from two different colleges, became depressed.

"My heart just sank," Holsing said. "I thought: that's what it is. We can not do anything." At first she thought that the best way to "attend" both concerts was to get the video tapes ceremony they would watch together.

However, when applying for a video tape for Midland Lutheran College, one of the staff in the college tried to find a better solution. He helped the Holsing family set up video cameras in those two moments and watched them through an online set-up conference costing less than $ 100.

On the day of graduation, Mr. and Mrs. Hosing went to one of the ceremonies and watched the other on the laptops that were registered to the video conference link. Both parents and both girls were satisfied.

Attending a wedding from Africa

A sickly mother in Pittsburgh, whose daughter was married in Florida, was faced with a similar dilemma. Monica Fournier, a cousin of the bride, said: "When I realized that my mother in Pittsburgh, waiting for a lung transplant, could not attend her daughter's wedding in Florida, I started looking for solutions."

"I've heard about video conferencing on the Internet, but I never tried and I had no idea if I could work for this opportunity." Monica added.

On the wedding day and wedding ceremony and video conferencing, they were successful and "my cousin was delighted that Mom could participate on her special day hundreds of miles away," Monica concluded.

These are just two examples of how video conferencing can allow people to be in two places at the same time and to participate in important family events regardless of obstacles.

As web and video conferencing become more popular, there will be a lot more stories of this type. In the next article, I will look at the ways in which online conferences will transform communication both at home and in the business area.