Johnny's Italian Steakhouse at Omaha NE Review

I first went to Omaha to Nebraska for the first time to talk to a group of rheumatologists and their staff. In a private dining restaurant, Johnny was an Italian steakhouse on the west end of the city in a pretty new mall.

Now I have to admit a few things: I'm a born and raised girl from California, I never loved beef and I froze!

However, as soon as I entered, the atmosphere was warm, comfortable, smelling wonderful and very friendly housewife took me back to the private dining room where my speech was to be held. From there the waiters came to ask me what I would like to drink. After food allergy, I asked them to suggest what would be the best of the offered appetizers / attachments to order. They told me they would be happy to make sure I ordered a fillet of mignon, double-cut pork chops, grilled salmon or angelic chicken with chicken on the grill so that the cook adjusts the meal to suit my needs. They also checked which areas were served and informed me that they were "safe".

Although I am more a "vegetarian" person, I am all worried that I have to try filet grains and pride of the region. Before the meal, I managed to try a cocktail for smoking shrimp. The shrimps were quite tasty and full and served over dried ice (hence and smoking). I tried and grunted with goat cheese and shrimps, it was also very nice. The Kalamari looked beautiful, but unfortunately, and the bread filled with cheese was not on my list "canned".

Most of our group ordered a filet mignon. Ordering mines came without cabernet sauce and I had broccoli based on the onions instead of garlic puree that was not too cooked. The fillet was actually quite tasty and gentle. One lady had an angelic pasta with grilled chicken and fresh basil, which looked just as good.

I had to go to dessert, but a seasonal peppermint cake or decadent chocolate lava cake wanted me to have no food allergy to cow's products.

Coffee was good, soaked hot and the size of cups was perfect.

Would I go to Johnny's Italian steakhouse if he was in my yard? You bet. Good food, good atmosphere and wonderful staff – what more can you wish for dinner?