Movies Miami Style: Films set in a magical city

Miami may not be like Los Angeles or New York, cities where movies are constantly being shot around each corner. But, of course, Miami had a good deal of shooting. He may have been selected for the action of the movie and may have been selected for his location (it's hard to shoot a beach scene in Nebraska). Whatever the reason, Miami's presence at the cinema left other cities in Florida to get closer and shy about the autograph. Here is a short list of movies that were born in Miami:

From Justin to Kelly: As Miami outperforms every other city in America for the rituals of this film, it's beyond me. Seriously, the war of competition for this must have been worse with the competition at the Olympics or Super Bowl. Film film American Idol first winner and second placed, From Justin to Kelly It was enough for anybody to go from nausea to vomiting. Yes, it was seriously so bad. I would give a lengthy discussion of the plot, but it really was not. It's enough to say that the story involved more than singing, and pounding limbs to the same choreographic routine …. although they danced with towels in one scene. This, say, was magical.

There is something about Mary: One of the most entertaining films ever on the screen, this film was presented by Cameron Diaz as Mary, a girl whom men were willing to delight. These long lengths included catching, spying, mimicking, and dressing up a false British accent. Ben Stiller plays Ted, a clumsy but cute man in love with Mary; a man who wants to impress her, but finds himself somewhat less psychotic than the other guys. A definitive hit, this film had unforgettable scenes, with laughing loud moments. She also made us look at her hair gel forever.

Scarface: One time during the '80s, almost every teenager had a poster of this film on the wall of their bedroom. It's a story about Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, who comes to Florida as a Cuban refugee. After becoming a gangster, as a result of a boom of cocaine from the 1980s, he rose to the top of the world of organized crime in Miami just to crash. Originally published on a little enthusiasm, Scarface Since then, he has become a cult classic and one of the most famous films ever recorded; he forever left the movie lovers, considering him as one of their little friends.

Bad Boyz: A film that left us all wondering "what will you do when they come for you" Bad Boyz shows Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as two detectives in the Miami Police. After a $ 120 million drug was stolen, two detectives are given the opportunity to return drugs or lose their jobs. They argue and argue with each other, but their mutual love is also true, which leads to the comparison of this pair with those from Deadly weapon i Starsky and Hutch. Although this film is far-reaching – such as police drama often – it's fun, it's moving fast and the action is hard to pass. This film led to a sequel that was filmed in Miami.

Any Given Sunday: One of the most demanding films, Any Given Sunday includes actors and professional athletes. With part of the film shot in Miami, the Orange Bowl stadium was disguised in the home court for the fictitious football team, Miami Sharks. Al Pacino plays an intense coach, while Cameron Diaz plays the owner and is not very good at it. Soccer film differs to a great extent from those who are cordial Rudy or The Replacements. Instead, it shows internal action and a policy involved in running a professional team.