Golf Club Sand Hills, Mullen, NE Review

A sandy hills club is located on a huge meadow in Nebraska. The background has a huge space to contain as many as a hole, but the designers skillfully set up 18 holes on a very challenging path. The club is closed for almost eight months a year and so members of this club are probably also members of the other club.

Generously great fairways, sandy trails and crater bunker make him dare to golfers on this course. This sandy lawn is ideal for a golf course. Apart from hundreds of naturally shaped golf holes, more discoveries are still waiting for them. Accommodation and club are great. The distance between the club and the track is almost a mile, but the Sand Hills Golf Club offers trolleys for easier transportation.

What to expect in this club?

a) The flow of the hole to the hole in this course is impeccable

b) It has a timetable, 10 t stations and 18 holes

c) Car hire is available

d) Perfect course for beginners with modest length and challenge of the first game.

e) There is no straight or straight hole on the track

f) The clubhouse was designed as a 'west west'. salon

g) Outstanding service.

h) Smooth tees and fairways

i) The track is perfect for any wind

j) The path is over a sand dune

k) The golf club on the sandy hills has no holes and several bunkers

l) There are clubs for rent, professional shop, snack bar, showers, green water, dressing room and many other amenities.

m) The hole weight varies depending on the wind conditions

n) It has a diamond, square and circle

o) A golf club with sandy hills has massive bunkers, rolling terrain, indigenous grass and hill sand.

p) One course built in an area that can be used for 150 courses.

q) 136 natural golf holes and 18 best holes.

r) The course is above the aquifer layer providing water for the course maintenance, so the course is always fresh and green

s) Clean and well equipped cabins overlooking the Dismal River

t) Easy trip from the club to the track in golf carts

u) Extraordinary tubs

v) Interactive, friendly and easy staffing

Points that add a counter

a) The course is open only a few months a year. Almost eight months, the course is closed for playing. So, people who are crazy about golf have to take membership in another club, behind the Sand Hills Golf Club to play by the end of the year.

b) Holes blur in some moments and it is not easy to remember where the hole makes the player confused.

c) Many members must visit the club two or three times in open time from other countries.


If you are looking for a different golf experience, then this club is an excellent choice. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, this course will challenge you every time you play here.