Termite Infestation

Termitna infection refers to the state of invasion of termitium in wood. When the structure strikes the mating ropes and they consider it suitable for satisfying food and moisture needs, they are called "infected" with them.

The reason why flying ants have entered the wood, furniture, doors, windows, walls and books are that the termites have found the perfect place for reproduction, food and water. They are in a position to survive in the form of colonies.

Another reason for this infection is that they have chosen the place they choose appropriate for the way from wood to the ground and that they can easily build mud tunnels for access. Infection of the termite can be estimated with the signs of these muddy paths, swallowing attacks, ejection, distorted color, etc. Insect flying around the light because their light is attractive, so you can identify their presence.

The tree affected by termitives becomes more hollow and knows about the active invasion of the termite, you can break the muddy tubes, it will be laboring ants, however, if it is empty, it is not a sign of the absence of infection by termitives. It is possible that they have been moved to another place for now.

In America and Africa, Termitia infection prevails, especially in the states of Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska and California. The need for an hour is to inform you in a timely manner of this infection. Whether the building you use for residential or commercial purposes, it must be checked in case of termi-nite infestation, their immediate control is necessary because the growth rate of the termit is very high. After entering the tree and tightening in it, you can not save your furniture from damage.

If your building is for sale, you need to pay attention to the infection of these ants and control it before they are uprooted. This can affect your sales relationship and leaves a bad impression that the building is affected by the infection of the swarms. Despite being insured, you can not take responsibility for the treatment of termites from time to time.

Sometimes the infestation of these flying ants is even a potential that is not easy to detect and you can not detect it obviously because they are firmly dragged into the inside of the tree and carelessly damaging your precious items. However, it is better to keep on with the anticipated treatment continually, so that termites may not enter