Cheap weekend stays

Escape from the output need not be expensive cases complete with exquisite expensive hotel rooms and restaurants. Instead, next time you want to plan a romantic weekend away from home, think about how to spend these two days hiking in the mountain paradise that is in MakKurteyn County, in southeastern Oklahoma.

This region offers a vertex occupying exciting routes and roads, both for beginners tourists looking for an easy walk, and for those who are more experienced, good hiking wanting more challenging hikes. Resort Park Beavers Bend – an excellent choice for budget-minded travelers, since it includes a state park Beavers Bend, which offers free admission.

Whichever way you choose, you and your honey will be surrounded by nature. Mountain Uachyta that, unlike most mountain ranges extend from east to west, with great views and wildlife species.

The park contains seven trails:

South Park trail

This route is one mile – a simple tourist. For the most part South Park Trail flat and smooth, but still offers the opportunity to see bald eagles, which fly overhead and other wildlife along the way.

Compound with South Park Trail

In addition to a mile in this way, is another newcomer hiking or those who want to get back to nature, but only for a while. Like South Park Trail, it is relatively flat and offers a relaxing walk.

The trail crossing Beaver Creek

This trail is a bit more complicated. 1.5 mile long, Beaver Creek Trail Krosing has several steep slopes. This path – a good choice for those who are just outside the tourist beginner.

Cross deer – bluff trail

This way is a bit more complicated than Beaver Creek Krosing, but still suitable for those who are not with & # 39; an intermediate tourists. The length of two miles the trail contains several climbs, but they are not very steep.

Cedar Bluff – Beaver Trail on the bed

At six miles this way is quite complicated. It contains many steep grades that will be interesting for the more serious & # 39; oznyh tourists.

horizon trail

This track is aptly named and is only for the most experienced hikers who can withstand hiking. It lasts for six miles and has a lot of cool relief, but you will find that under the & # 39; the amount should be worth the effort, if you see a breathtaking view of the top of the mountain.

Footpath David borane

It named after the US senator and former governor of Oklahoma, this 16-mile trek from the & # 39 is the highest campaign priority. The path starts from the lower dam at Lake Beavers Bend, and then connected with the nature of Beaver Lodge. The trail is well marked, narrow and steep. Multi-purpose mountain bike trails also run for four miles, wandering along the bottom of streams and along the tops of ridges.

In addition to selecting the routes for trekking in MakKuarteyn County, Oklahoma, you also have a choice when it comes to accommodation. The mountain pines Kiyamichy can select hundreds of available cabins. Resort Park Beavers Bend has a 40-room lodge, 47 cabins for rent, walking on flights and campsites. For cheap holidays in weekend look no further than the state Bobrs Bend area, which is also easily accessible while in the two to four hour drive from the Dallas / Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and Shrevport.