Affordable holiday in the day – for corporate spiritual exercises

In these tough economic times, businesses, both large and small, had to tighten fiscal belts. To meet the downturn, many companies have canceled or refrained from scheduling trips for the weekend, with small & # 39; the entrances or exits of executive golf. However, the reduction of the budget corporate budget does not constitute a waiver of such types of corporate trips. You may need to rethink the place of the meeting. For the available output that allow your dedicated staff to mix business with pleasure, look no further than County MakKurteyn, Oklahoma, in the state of Beavers Bend.

Companies in Dallas / Fort Uortse, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and find Shryveportse Square State Park Beavers Bend just a few hours & # 39; ride on the location of their company. It is ideal for corporate meetings, for team exercises and other types of business meetings. With picturesque surroundings, modern living quarters, accessible cabins, located in the 100-foot pines, the house overlooks the lake of the broken bow and an array of entertainment options, the area state parks Bobrs Band with & # 39 is the perfect venue for parties of any size.

Several of & # 39 facilities offer a place to meet. In the nearby Museum of the Red River has a modern conference center with a full-service audiovisual, full kitchen and four meeting rooms, three of which can accommodate up to 75 people and one that can accommodate 250 people.

Lakeview Lodge, overlooking the beautiful Lake Broken Bow, offers a conference room, which can accommodate 45 people, complete with DVD / DVR-player, Wi-Fi, as well as food and beverage services. Comfortable conference rooms at the lodge are ideal for small groups of five to 28.

The Forest Heritage Center has two meeting rooms that can accommodate from 40 to 60, with a projector, screen and catering. All are ideal for business meetings, seminars, workshops and spiritual retreats.

Once the meeting is over, your employees will have a wide range of activities for sharing fun and friendship. People who engage in water sports can scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, boating, sailing or water skiing in the crystal clear water of Lake Broken Bow. You can even paraseys if you want.

Bird lovers can walk along the park paths in the park, where they can see not only birds, such as eagles, bald, hawk with red shoulders, chicks, and caliber with ruby, but also squirrels, raccoons, deer, and the occasional black bear.

Fishing types can try their hand at catching brown and rainbow stryzhyny, baguette pool, dripping, or catfish in the lake of 14,000 acres and adjacent rivers. MakKuarteyn County offers the best trout fishing in the Middle South. Guides are ready to help novice fishermen.

Excursions on horseback are also available for any level of rider – from beginner to advanced. Your employees can climb into the saddle and see the mountains and forest trails with a completely new species.

And, you know what they say – many transactions and decisions are made on the golf course and the nearby 18-dirachny Cedar Creek golf course fits perfectly into account. With its breathtaking views of Broken Bow Lake and pine edging, narrow fairways, the course of 72's, located in peradgor & # 39; s Kiamichy mountains, it is considered one of the most beautiful in Oklahoma. The 16th hole is considered to be particularly complex because three sides it is surrounded by water – it plays like an island green. Golf Digest recently the company was named the best urban golf course in Oklahoma.

As you can see, in MakKuarteyn County, Oklahoma has something to offer to all its employees, as well as for all your needs in corporate meetings. Available weekends at the weekend so funny like this few and far between, so do not delay the scheduling of planned retreat today.