Crypto-show in the Wild West continues

Here's a question that often arises: how do I choose which currency to invest crypto – or still are?

Undoubtedly, that Bitcoin has captured the lion's share of crypto currency market (CC), and this is largely due to its FAME. This phenomenon is similar to what is happening in national politics in the world, if a candidate wins a majority of votes on the basis of FAME, rather than any proven abilities and qualifications to manage a nation. Bitcoin with & # 39 is a pioneer in this market space and continues to collect almost all the titles market. FAME This does not mean that it is ideal for the job, and fairly well known that Bitcoin has limitations and problems to be solved, but in the world of Bitcoin there are differences in how best to solve the problem. Since the problems disappear, developers have the possibility to initiate a new coin that address specific situations, and thus to distinguish themselves from the approximately 1,300 other coins in this market space. Let's look at two rival Bitcoin and examine how they differ from Bitcoin and from each other:

Efiryum (ETH) – Coin Ethereum known as ETHER. The main difference from Bitcoin is that Ethereum uses "smart contracts", which are on the & # 39; objects that store account to blokcheyne Ethereum. Reasonable contracts are determined by their creators, and they can interact with other contracts, to make decisions, to store the data and send ETHER others. Implementation and the services they offer, provided Ethereum network, and all of this is beyond the scope of what can make a Bitcoin or any other blokcheyn network. Reasonable contracts can act as an autonomous agent, obeying your instructions and rules of the currency expenditures and other operations in initsyiruyuchy Ethereum network.

Ripple (XRP) – This coin and Ripple network also have unique features that make it much more than just a digital currency like Bitcoin. Ripple Ripple has developed a transaction log (RTXP), a powerful financial tool that allows exchanges in the Ripple network quickly and efficiently transfer funds. The basic idea – to place money in the "gateways" where only those who know the password can unlock the funds. For financial institutions, this opens up tremendous opportunities by simplifying cross-border payments, it reduces costs and ensures transparency and safety. This is all done with a creative and intelligent use blockchain technology.

The mainstream media virtually every day the market is illuminated with razbivayuchymi news, but they have little depth stories … they basically just dramatic headlines.

Show "Wild West" goes on …

5 stocks crypt / blockchain purchased average 109% with 11/17 of December. Wild swings are continuing daily tsyratsyyami. Yesterday, South Korea and China were the last to try to bring down the boom in cryptocurrency.

On Thursday, the Minister of Justice of South Korea's Park Sung-ki sent world prices for bitcoins, temporarily decreased, and virtual coin markets confused, when, according to reports, regulators are preparing legislation to ban trade cryptocurrency. Later in the day, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, South Korea, one of the main agencies of the Member States of the government of South Korea, the Task Force on Regulatory cryptocurrency came out and said that their department disagrees premature announcement of the Ministry of Justice about the potential ban on trade cryptocurrency.

While the South Korean government said that trade cryptocurrency – it is nothing like gambling, and they are worried that the industry will leave a lot of people in the poor house, their real concern with the & # 39 is the loss of tax revenue. This is the same care that is every government.

China has grown into one of the major sources of production cryptocurrency in the world, but now, according to rumors, the government is considering regulating the electricity used for the production of computers. More than 80% of electricity production for the Bitcoin today comes from China. Disabling the miners, the government make it difficult to check transactions Bitcoin users. Mining operations will be moved to other places, but China is particularly attractive due to the very low energy costs and land. If China were to follow this threat, it will be a temporary loss of the ability of mining, which will lead to the fact that Bitcoin users are seeing more and increase the timer to check the transaction costs.

It's a wild ride continues, and in the same way as the Internet boom, we will see the big winners, and eventually the big losers. In addition, similar to the Internet boom, a boom in the corvids, thrive will be those who get up early, while the massive investors are always there at the end, buying at the top.

Stay tuned!

Source by Martin Straith