How to make the spaces work for you

Or you were considered gaps in the trade one day samples and diagrams? If you do not, you do not have enough to trade opportunities, which if used correctly can be very profitable. Although there are several one-day trading strategies and models of formation of the schedule, this article will focus on the different types of gaps and ways to profit from them.


As we said earlier, there are different types of spaces. Gaps occur after the close of the market and to restore it. The gap will be shown on your chart: The lowest price at the opening of the market will be higher than the high price when the market closed for the day to indicate the possible growth or, conversely, the high price at the opening will be lower than the lowest price on the market closing, that indicates a possible downturn. These gaps can be caused by economic news overnight, world events, or simply a change in market sentiment. The larger the gap, the greater the possibility of the development trend. Many traders use spaces as the entry point, stop level or to measure the strength or weakness of the market.

types of gaps


Common gaps occur for no reason because of the indifference of the market in a particular currency pair. These gaps are usually small compared to the gaps caused by major events, and should be avoided.

White Castle:

The market often has a strong level of support and resistance. In fact, the currencies are in a consolidation phase at about 60% of the time, while traders decide, it will move in any direction. Seasonal trade – a good example of the gap that may develop. For example, a shopping channel can develop during December to holidays and will end in January, after the holidays, when it can develop a gap, which indicates a greater market activity and new trends.


This occurs after the strong currency movement either up or down. As soon as the growth trend or care ends, and mood changes in the market, it may, with the & # 39 will be a gap that indicates the circulation trends. Gaps in exhaustion typically occurs when the trader decides to make a profit and get out of their positions, effectively and causing vycharpayuchy trend reversal.


They are opposing the gap exhaustion. A quick break with a substantially & # 39 confirms a trend that is developing. It can not be confirmed until the following price action did not confirm that the new trend really started, and the price continues to move in this direction, thus escaping the denomination.

Knowing the different market conditions, which can cause gaps, you can determine whether or not to enter into trade and receive from this income.

Source by Luis Nieves