The Art of Neon-Glowing Marketing Concept


In the early 1920s, a new and exciting promotional phenomenon emerged, pushing traditional marketing methods to another level. In 1923, George Claude (Georges Claude) and his French company Claude Neon (Claude Neon) introduced the neon sign to the United States.
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It was in the same year that the first neon lights were installed in Los Angeles, California. Earle C. Anthony, a Packard car dealer imported from Paris, provided two “Packard” logos to his dealer, and he spent $24,000 for this. Of course, during that time, a lot of money was spent on the two signboards, but the concept is novel and unique, although neon signboards have not yet become popular. Today, this old Packard sign is located in a privately owned structure in Cottage Grove, Oregon, but can be viewed from the sidewalk.
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The glass bender injects various gases (for example, neon, helium, xenon, argon, and k) to produce multiple colors. When you see neon lights shining on Broadway in New York, Las Vegas Boulevard or Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are like fireworks on New Year’s Eve or July 4th Spectacular. Traveling throughout the country and around the world, you will find that various companies are still showing the incredible superb craftsmanship of neon lights.
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The neon lights on the theater’s gate covers, motels, hotels, restaurants, casinos and other corporate signs have added “stunning elements” to attract potential customers and curious onlookers. These lights outside the enterprise are an exciting hook to entice you to understand the situation inside the enterprise. Neon is a quite innovative promotional marketing tool.
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From advertisements to artworks, neon signs, neon clocks, neon features and novelty signs, commercial signs, bar signs, beer signs and the popularity of light boxes have all attracted people’s attention. If you are a neon enthusiast and want to learn more about the education, history and preservation of neon collectibles, please visit the following resources:
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1. MONA (Neon Art Museum) introduces the history, culture and technology of dielectric and dynamic media to the public. MONA provides neon art classes and is dedicated to the education, exhibition and preservation of electronic and dynamic media arts.

2. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas collects, preserves, researches and displays neon signs to enrich and educate global audiences.

3. Roadside Peek contains content about education and neon discovery on its website. They also include other roadside signs and past treasures found throughout the country.

For the locations of institutions that continue to carry out neon sign education, the following is a list of some schools provided by Neon University:

1. British Neon School (England)

2. Dakota Neon School (Pabilon, Nevada)

3. Ed Waldrum Neon School (Owen, Texas)

4. Hollywood Neon Academy (Hollywood, Florida)

5. National Neon Research Institute (Bennecia, California)

6. Neon Trade School (Las Vegas, Nevada)

7. Brutal neon lights (Baltimore, Maryland)

8. City Glass (Brooklyn, New York)

9. North Texas Neon School (Fort Worth, Texas)

10. Northwest Indiana Neon School (Hammond, Indiana)

11. Northwestern Technical College (Lake Detroit, Minnesota)

The artistic, scientific, and dramatic forms of neon signs can inspire you to collect or restore retro promotional looks for your business.

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