Bangkok floating market


Despite being called Bangkok’s floating market, Daneng Sadu floating market is actually located about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok in Ratchat province. If, like me, you see photos of many people selling many colorful fruits and vegetables on the open waters of the canal, then when in Bangkok, this is the list you want to check. Although there are many different floating markets around Thailand, the Damnoen Saduak floating market is the oldest and largest among them.

Unfortunately, all the beautiful pictures you have seen about Damnoen Saduak floating market are either marketing strategies or just some ways for tourists to feel better after being deceived by Thailand’s biggest tourist trap. The fact is that 90% of merchants on the floating market sell tourist accessories, such as statues, Thai t-shirts, hammocks, and of course, those straw hats worn by merchants seen on the market. In fact, most merchants are on the banks of the canal, and the steamboat drivers have reduced sales, so they stopped at all the souvenir shops. You will see people selling fruits and vegetables from the boat, but they are few compared to trinkets traps.

Now, I know all this, in fact the scam started before entering the market, but I have other plans. First, let me tell you the layout of the scam. Taxi drivers around Bangkok have brochures about floating markets, and they push them to all tourists. They will tell you that they will take you to the meter or meter for 800-1000 baht. Considering the distance from Bangkok, you might think this is good.

Taxi drivers make money from rebates. Once they arrive in the area, they will take you to the motor boat tour of Damnoen Saduak floating market, the operator will meet you on the taxi, give you a bottle of water, and then tell you around the market The 2-hour trip costs 3500-4500 baht per person (over $100). At this point they already have you. You probably don’t know anything about the market, and you don’t realize that there are other ship operators, and you have gone a long way to see it, so you slack off and paid off.

After learning all this information in advance, I decided to go to Damnoen Saduak in another way. One morning, when a taxi was walking in Bangkok, it gave me sharp things. I told him that I knew the deal, but I still wanted to go. I need to go to Pattaya within a few days, and I told him that if he can help me conclude a deal, I will also use him for this trip. Surprisingly, he said “OK”. He said that I could pay electricity meter or 1,000 baht, and he asked me to pay 1,400 baht to Pattaya. The transaction was confirmed and he picked me up at 7 am the next morning.

You know, I only care about the floating market, I just got some traditional photos of merchants selling fruits and vegetables from the boat. I know that the two market areas that make up Damnoen Saduak Floating Market are just a small part of the canal system, a large part is where people live, and this is exactly what I want to see… like a box of firecrackers there is hidden The prize in the canal, this is a beautiful temple, few tourists have seen the floating market.

After an hour and a half of the floating market tour, the taxi driver connected me to the owner of a power boat, who would take me through the market, then through the residential canal and to the farther temple. The boat cost me 800 baht, but this is really a cheap price, without having to stop at every souvenir shop to see the market.

The two main areas of the floating market are indeed made up of many small jewelry shops, but there are still many photos of merchants selling from the ship. I was told that if you can reach the canal (canal) before 8 am, then you will have the best view, because at that time the locals were actually peddling each other, and there were not many tourists around. By 9 a.m., the crowds around the market are already full of tourist boats. In the crowded driveway, the boats collide with each other and you will become very confused.

After crossing the market area, we stopped for some coconut soup and drove towards the beautiful canal residential area. You will see the impact of new houses under construction on the floating market, some of which are very good. All the houses have planted many flowers, and the owner seems very proud. Of course, there are some real shacks with garbage everywhere, but they are far apart.

Then, we went to sweep Wat at the end of a canal. Scanning itself is very beautiful, but some areas seem to need repair. I spent more than an hour in the Wat building and was surprised that I have been alone and no other tourists can see it.

All in all, this is a great trip for me because I know my storage space. If you find yourself wanting to visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, please remember a few things. Getting there early is the key to getting the best market image. Plan in advance how you will enter the market, whether it is through a hotel tour or a taxi. Motorboats are expensive, but paddle boats cost 100-200 baht per hour. Remember, unless you can reach an agreement, you will ride these ships with other tourists, and because of the power of the oars, they will not go further than the market.

If your time is tight and there are a lot of Bangkok attractions worth seeing, then give the floating market pass, because it is not worth to miss Wat Arun or Grand Palace. If you still want to see the floating market, you can take a day trip and visit the famous Rose Garden and Tiger Temple because they are very close.