Love Waits – Donald James Parker

Surviving high school is one of the most challenging times in teenage life. And when you're new to the city, it's even harder. In the "Love Waits" of Donald James Parker, fourteen-year-old Cheri is forced to face some tough problems when her mom dies, and her father moves them from a small town in Nebraska to a big city.

It's bad enough that Cheri does not know anyone, but when one of the few girls she meets finds out she's still a virgin and tells everyone that Cheri feels she is forced to correct the situation. But she encounters a blockade when her father gets a neighbor to watch her. Cheri is ready to hate Jean, but they develop a close relationship, the one that changes Cherie's look – and her life.

With the help of grandparents, Cheri goes through the process of self-awareness and religious awakening and teaches about the consequences of pre-marital sex. Her new boyfriend is a member of Jean's Church and two cute teenagers are strong enough to accept their faith and resist the pressure of their peers. Cheri, especially, looks wise outside of her age while trying to cope with problems at home. When her mother died, the relationship between her father and daughter broke out and her father turned to sports, alcohol and a new blue bimbo to fill the void.

The story is difficult about content related to faith, but what might come as a prediction is instead presented as a fun story with a message – one that uses both adults and adolescents. I shared a copy with a sixteen-year-old girl. She did not have a problem identifying with characters in spite of a dialogue she felt across the top. Teenage jargon and humor change with time and localization, but the struggles are universal, the same ones that we all deal with. She was involved in a story like I was eager to see where she would lead. Halfway through the book it seemed that the characters grew in mutual relations with God. Things went smoothly and it looked as though everything was resolved. That's when the author completes another curve, he added more conflicts, and the pages are starting to fly again.

This is a wonderful story about family, friends and God that parents may want to read together with their teenagers. This is a realistic view of contemporary teenagers and the challenges they face. It has been said that there is content that could make some readers uncomfortable. The author deals with some serious topics dealing with topics that most of us do not want to think about, including death, pre-sexual sex, rape, and pregnancy of teenagers. The dangers of promiscuity are precise, with very clear attitudes about sex, relationships and abortion. This is a book with real life lessons and presented in a sensitive way with messages of love, kindness and forgiveness. It's an inspirational story, I recommend.

Love Waits by Donald James Parker is available as a free download of e-books on the author's website.
Sword of the Spirit Publishing
ISBN 13: 978-0-578-01560-6

Why do you need to buy a small home with the land?

Whoever wants to have a small home, but in the present time, getting a home for himself, let alone a relatively large home, is a blessing. Moreover, given the work of urban life, there would be nothing less than a hassle to own a large house and then take care of it.

Having a small country with your home is something that everyone would want. If you own a plot of land and plan to build a home on it or if you have enough money to buy a house, go to a property that has land and land.

There are numerous amenities of houses with a surface, and some of them are listed below:


You have no control over what your city or even your village looks like, but you have the opportunity to make your environment beautiful. With land outside your house, you can remember the planting of trees and flowers that will give you a beautiful natural view. Apart from aesthetic appeal, it will also have a positive impact on your family's health. You can even think of growing your own fruits and vegetables, so you will have your own organic garden.


Another benefit of buying land with land is the increased privacy that the owner of the house gets. According to a guide from the University of Nebraska, people do not like the proximity that comes when houses are built very close to each other. Even a small land environment allows them to plant trees or build fences giving them the opportunity to enjoy their privacy. They can even hold parties and gatherings without being completely vulnerable to their neighbors.


Yes, you can actually use this extra country to earn good money. If you want to make your organic garden, you can sell it to your neighbors. You can even imagine a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard to create wonderful business opportunities for yourself. Raising any type of food and selling the market will allow you to earn extra money.

Expansion options

If your family is growing or if you want to expand your home for any reason, you will always have the opportunity to do it for additional land. You can add a pool or build a spa, so you can do whatever you want with extra space and you will not regret that you decided to go with a house with additional land.

In addition to these advantages, the benefits of saving money are obvious, as the smaller house will require less maintenance, will save less energy and will be easier to clean. So, go with one of the houses with a plot and take advantage of the various possibilities that come with having such houses with the surface.

Your speech patterns affect sales performance

Speech patterns affect sales

Eastern accents, as well as those spoken by the New Yorkers, are usually a very quick speech. South wolf, as well as those who speak people from the south, is much slower. When talking to Midwesterner, the voice pattern is completely different. How do these different accents, speech patterns, and speech speed affect sales and telemarketing efforts?

There is plenty of evidence that the speed of speech and accent affects sales. For years, the consultant has tried to analyze how accent and speed of speech influence both face-to-face sales and sales of tele-consulting. There is nothing definite, but the leading sales entities agree that accent and speech rates affect the performance of sales.

Many companies like to hire people with a radio voice, hoping that voice quality will affect sales performance. Many companies are doing speech tests when they engage individuals who will have constant interaction with other people. It seems that "theatrical" voice reduces resistance.

The importance of speech speed

Why is the speed of speech important? Let's explore the reasons. Sales calls and phone calls are almost always interrupted. People eat dinner or watch movies on TV. Looks surely do not expect a TSR call. While our brain, when focused, can understand 600 words per minute, the brain's perspective lasts five to ten seconds to adapt to the new speed of the agent's speech. It only takes a few seconds for the brains to put the speed of speech, accent, and message so that communication can occur.

Midwesterner, who speaks at 170 words per minute (WPM), will have communication problems (initially) with New Yorker, which speaks 240 words per WPM. What it means? This means that you will miss or fail to understand the name of the agent, the company, and perhaps the primary purpose of the call.

Why do you think that many large telemarketing services go to Omaha Nebraska to establish their call centers? Reason:

  • in the middle part of America there is little or no accent
  • their speech is moderate in relation to the South and New Yorkers

Ideal Speech Rate – 180 Word Test

Pennsylvania Bell measured the speech speed by putting a 180-word test to measure it. This test can help your agents speak at the best speed. It works by determining the time of your agents while reading this test: more than one minute is too slow; Less than one minute is too fast. Here's 180 Word Statements by Pennsylvania Bell Company:

Most experts agree that the ideal rate of speech is between one hundred and eighty to two hundred words a minute. In this way, the people who listen to you will be able to hear and understand what you are saying. In the United States, there are different patterns of speech that are the product of geographical areas. In the northeastern part of the country, people tend to speak faster than others, while people from the southern states speak slower than the ideal rate. However, people in the Central Western countries will talk about a rate of eighty words. To test, record the start and end times. Use the other hand of the clock to do it. If you read this statement in less than one minute, talk too fast and you should try to slow down. But if you read this statement in more than a minute, you talk too slowly and you should try to talk faster when talking on the phone.

How to improve the performance of your agents

Get one of your scripts and identify the first 180 words. Let your agents try to read them within one minute. If you mark ten seconds, this will help you identify patterns of speech and habits, both good and bad, in your agents. Once identified, you can begin the process of correcting bad habits and highlighting good ones. Another useful suggestion is to make this test over the phone or in front of other agents.

Termite Infestation

Termitna infection refers to the state of invasion of termitium in wood. When the structure strikes the mating ropes and they consider it suitable for satisfying food and moisture needs, they are called "infected" with them.

The reason why flying ants have entered the wood, furniture, doors, windows, walls and books are that the termites have found the perfect place for reproduction, food and water. They are in a position to survive in the form of colonies.

Another reason for this infection is that they have chosen the place they choose appropriate for the way from wood to the ground and that they can easily build mud tunnels for access. Infection of the termite can be estimated with the signs of these muddy paths, swallowing attacks, ejection, distorted color, etc. Insect flying around the light because their light is attractive, so you can identify their presence.

The tree affected by termitives becomes more hollow and knows about the active invasion of the termite, you can break the muddy tubes, it will be laboring ants, however, if it is empty, it is not a sign of the absence of infection by termitives. It is possible that they have been moved to another place for now.

In America and Africa, Termitia infection prevails, especially in the states of Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska and California. The need for an hour is to inform you in a timely manner of this infection. Whether the building you use for residential or commercial purposes, it must be checked in case of termi-nite infestation, their immediate control is necessary because the growth rate of the termit is very high. After entering the tree and tightening in it, you can not save your furniture from damage.

If your building is for sale, you need to pay attention to the infection of these ants and control it before they are uprooted. This can affect your sales relationship and leaves a bad impression that the building is affected by the infection of the swarms. Despite being insured, you can not take responsibility for the treatment of termites from time to time.

Sometimes the infestation of these flying ants is even a potential that is not easy to detect and you can not detect it obviously because they are firmly dragged into the inside of the tree and carelessly damaging your precious items. However, it is better to keep on with the anticipated treatment continually, so that termites may not enter

Your child's loan: worth the protection!

Having a baby is wonderful news, but it can be a terrible thing. Not only are you fully responsible for the well-being of your child, it is also your duty and as a parent to ensure that your child is protected in every possible way – this includes the protection of your child. Identity thieves often target children because the child loan is unharmed (or does not exist at all).

Although you think that the government protects children from such types of theft, this is not the case.

Only at the state level

The only federal law that was created to protect the child's credit identity is the Law on the Protection of Children from Identity Theft (which was drafted in 2015), which is not a law at all. In fact, there is less than 2% chance that this law will pass to different sources. The law would enable parents to create a child's credit report and then freeze that report in order to prevent identity theft. However, the law has not been signed by the president, and it seems that he will not even get to his desk.

This led various countries to create similar laws at the state level, although not all states allow parents to create a credit report and freeze it. This is an important thing. The recent media coverage of freezing credit reports often leads people to believe that all countries allow parents to make a credit report and then freeze it, but that's not true. Some countries do not allow the creation and freezing of credit reports.

Countries that allow freezing legally

There are only a few countries that allow parents to create a credit report for a minor, and then freeze that report. The states are Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin . Other states only allow a parent to go through this process if a child is under 16 years of age (this is often not useful because identity theft is happening to children much younger than 16).

Help of credit bureaus

Some credit bureaus have taken things into their own hands. For example, Equifax will allow juvenile parents (regardless of their country of residence) to create and freeze a credit report. Trans Union allows parents to check whether any credit fraud has occurred, and also allows parents to create and freeze a credit report if they are located in the above countries. Some credit bureaus in countries where there are no laws to deal with identity theft of minors allow parents to create and freeze credit reports for a small fee – however, if a parent can prove fraud, this fee can be canceled.

Golf Club Sand Hills, Mullen, NE Review

A sandy hills club is located on a huge meadow in Nebraska. The background has a huge space to contain as many as a hole, but the designers skillfully set up 18 holes on a very challenging path. The club is closed for almost eight months a year and so members of this club are probably also members of the other club.

Generously great fairways, sandy trails and crater bunker make him dare to golfers on this course. This sandy lawn is ideal for a golf course. Apart from hundreds of naturally shaped golf holes, more discoveries are still waiting for them. Accommodation and club are great. The distance between the club and the track is almost a mile, but the Sand Hills Golf Club offers trolleys for easier transportation.

What to expect in this club?

a) The flow of the hole to the hole in this course is impeccable

b) It has a timetable, 10 t stations and 18 holes

c) Car hire is available

d) Perfect course for beginners with modest length and challenge of the first game.

e) There is no straight or straight hole on the track

f) The clubhouse was designed as a 'west west'. salon

g) Outstanding service.

h) Smooth tees and fairways

i) The track is perfect for any wind

j) The path is over a sand dune

k) The golf club on the sandy hills has no holes and several bunkers

l) There are clubs for rent, professional shop, snack bar, showers, green water, dressing room and many other amenities.

m) The hole weight varies depending on the wind conditions

n) It has a diamond, square and circle

o) A golf club with sandy hills has massive bunkers, rolling terrain, indigenous grass and hill sand.

p) One course built in an area that can be used for 150 courses.

q) 136 natural golf holes and 18 best holes.

r) The course is above the aquifer layer providing water for the course maintenance, so the course is always fresh and green

s) Clean and well equipped cabins overlooking the Dismal River

t) Easy trip from the club to the track in golf carts

u) Extraordinary tubs

v) Interactive, friendly and easy staffing

Points that add a counter

a) The course is open only a few months a year. Almost eight months, the course is closed for playing. So, people who are crazy about golf have to take membership in another club, behind the Sand Hills Golf Club to play by the end of the year.

b) Holes blur in some moments and it is not easy to remember where the hole makes the player confused.

c) Many members must visit the club two or three times in open time from other countries.


If you are looking for a different golf experience, then this club is an excellent choice. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, this course will challenge you every time you play here.

Close the ignition lock device as a result of the DUI certificate

In an attempt to curb alcohol-ridden driving, many countries have implemented what is known as the "first offender" mandatory anti-ignition lockout law, which requires individuals convicted of the first driving under the influence (DUI) to bring the device into every vehicle. they own. Most countries have ordered the installation of an anti-ignition device (IID) as a repercussion of a DUI convicted case where the driver had an extremely high alcohol or respiratory rate in the car with them at the time of arrest. However, many countries revise their DUI laws to include the IID as a consequence of any DUI conviction, regardless of the circumstances.

Currently, there are 14 states that have a binding law on "first offender", and these include New York, Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Washington, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, Jutu and Arkansas.

The ignition lock works as a Breathalyzer and measures the individual alcohol content of the breath (BAC). The IID function is to record breathing tests that an individual will have to give each time he attempts to operate the vehicle. If the device detects a certain amount of alcohol, usually 0.02%, in the driver's system, then the car will not start. Additionally, the ignition locking device may require an individual to occasionally release the breath test while the driver is driving to prevent the possibility of any unauthorized testing.

The IID can be an extremely intelligent and sophisticated device that not only works by measuring the content of alcohol in the breath of an individual, but also by recording how many times the vehicle was started or attempted to run, how long the vehicle lasts.

Often, the installation, uninstallation costs and monthly installation costs of the device are related to costs. These associated charges are usually the sole responsibility of the convicted driver and if the convicted driver owns more than one car, these fees are likely to be triple or double. Additional fees may also occur if an individual misses a breath test and needs to reset the device, tighten the device, or damage the device. Depending on how long it was time for an individual to install the device in his vehicle or vehicles, the amount of money an individual could pay as a result of a court-locked locking device could accumulate in thousands of dollars.

Great Ways to Get Cheap Flights

It is surprising that with little planning, reflection and flexibility, how easy it is to find an affordable plane ticket and go on that journey you've always wanted without destroying your bank balance. You do not have to have a friend or cousin who works for the airline industry so you can get that discounted air ticket you always wanted. If you follow some of these simple tips, you should not be paying inflated fares for flight ever.

Stay in touch. What it means to keep track of what's happening in travel news, you can do it by watching TV, reading the newspaper, or online if you have a computer with an internet connection. If you continue to search, you will be able to find bids for a limited time by airline companies when they sell cheap air tickets. This includes large airlines, low airlines and airlines that are just starting. Airlines that start, but even less often, can provide some of the cheapest airline tickets. Of course, low-fare airlines are also a good source, you just need to be careful when giving lower prices.

Be flexible. When looking for cheap flights, you need to be flexible with the arrival and arrival time. Generally, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, it is usually the cheapest day for a flight. These days on Sundays are usually less crowded, which means that airlines will try to fill their empty spaces by offering cheaper airfares. Another scenario where you will most likely get cheap flights is if you fly late at night, early tomorrow and flights that make at least one stop before arrival at the destination. Flights late at night are called "red-eye" flights in the airline's jargon. If you are trying to fly from New York to San Diego and then catch a flight that starts at 23 hours and stop at Omaha, Nebraska will probably be cheaper on the way than he leaves at 8 o'clock and travels non-stop.

Ask Around. When buying a discount ticket, ask airlines whether there is any package arrangement, such as car rentals or discounts on hotel rooms that come with a plane ticket. Do not hesitate to ask yourself if the ticket you found is the cheapest available and ask the booking officer about other possible options. If you have access to the Internet, check out different websites and make comparisons. Another option is a card consolidator. Ticket consolidators will buy a large amount of tickets and then sell them at a discount so that airline companies can fill up their seats. Finding is easy; most newspapers will have a section in the advertising section titled "Card Consolidators".

Early Bird gets a deal. Most airlines are either low-cost or larger airline will sell cheap tickets if you buy them before the departure date. Of course, this means that you will have to make plans and do 1-2 months in advance, which is particularly relevant for summer vacations and flights that operate during Christmas. If you have accumulated frequent flying miles, then keep in mind that during these busy months, the airline will often "darken" those miles to accommodate other paying passengers.

Prepare yourself and stick to one. There is also the possibility of traveling as a "stand by" passenger, especially during off-season. Although this is a little risky, because the flight could have been filled or even over booked, leaving you a cheap ticket, but you have to wait for another available flight. Try to stay with one airline when you are traveling, as this will help you to cope better with them.

Love Earth and plant tree

Trees can be very important for humans. Almost everyone can remember at least one special event in his life under the tree. Whether it's a wedding day or just a picnic, almost everyone in the world loves the peace that the trees bring naturally. Research has shown that tree planting can even make a person feel great. Planting trees is such a big thing that even we have a national holiday named after the planting of trees.

In April 1872, a man named Julius Sterling Morton wanted to improve the landscape and economy of Nebraska and planted orchards and trees in the shade. His act was an example of planting trees every year, to preserve the beauty of our world.

Shortly thereafter, many countries followed his example and began to plant trees throughout the country. This special day is called Arbor Day. Every April, many teachers and students respect the tradition of planting trees in local schools and parks throughout the nation. In fact, in 1970, former President Richard Nixon declared last Friday of April the National Tree Day. It is famous in all fifty countries across the nation.

Of course, because of the different climatic conditions in our countries, not all trees will grow in all climatic conditions. Thus, for each country, a particular tree species is determined. For example, in New York, a standard tree for planting for Dan Arbor is a maple-shaped maple, while in Morton state a standard tree for the cultivation of cottonwood. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or California, do something good for yourself and for the country. Plant the tree and watch it grow. The country will thank you.

Large garage door for Central America

If you live in the middle of the country then you probably heard about Delden Garage Doors. Delden is a regional manufacturer and garage door installer located in the center of the US with offices in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Delden is also the owner of the Amarr garage door company. Delden has been manufacturing garage doors since the mid-1960s. They produce and install a complete line of residential and commercial garage doors. A review of the price of garage doors shows that the Delden garage door is considered as a medium-sized garage door.

The Vintage Plus Delden garage door is a very popular and affordable door. The broken door of 25 steel profiles is 2 inches thick, insulated with polystyrene with vinyl substrate. They are reported to have an R value of at least 6. It is obvious that these doors are not intended for use in areas with severe winters or where you will heat or cool your garage. One of the problems with using styrofoam insulated panels is that isolation of this type leaves gaps that reduce the efficiency of insulation.

Delden DTR 1748 is probably the best garage door in the company. Double steel panels have a galvanized 25-sheet profile plate and an indoor panel of 27 measuring plates sandwiches with 2 inches of polyurethane insulation. This gives the door a very energy-efficient R-value of 15 plus. Installing Delden garage doors of this quality means that you will save significant energy if you plan to heat or cool your garage. You will surely discover that your workshop will be comfortable regardless of weather conditions. These garages will cost you more money, but in our opinion, they pay off.

Saving money by buying cheap garage doors is really wise and cunningly like opening a garage door is certainly the weakest point in the structure of your homes. Thieves regularly target the garage door in their efforts to enter your home. The solid garage doors associated with your home security system will greatly contribute to protecting your family and the content of your homes. In some cases, the security system will send you emails whenever someone opens or enters your garage. If you have a workshop located in your garage or have a classic collection for care, then you can be sure that your toys are well protected.

Purchasing quality Delden garage doors will save you money and provide you with a garage and safe home. However, if you live in a dangerous area of ​​the wind, Delden does not offer any doors that will meet the stringent standards needed to protect your home from severe storms, tornadoes or hurricanes. However, if you live in the Middle West where the risk of wind is minimal, the Delden garage door will surely satisfy all your weather protection needs.

Customer Service is considered good with Delden Doors. The fact that the company is regionally based in the Middle West means that your ability to locate portions of garage doors or service is relatively simple. Delden can build some of the best garage doors. We recommend Delden garage doors for your home or business premises. You may find that Deldon's door is even better than the door sold to Lowes and Home Depot.