Introduction to reading charts for Forex traders

HOW trade FOREX NEWS Forex trading involves special techniques, and use good strategies to lock in profits in the trading account. The main reason why most traders end up losing the account, is that they do not carry out clear rules and strategy. For those who want to be a professional in Forex trading, fundamental […]

News Profiteer Review

Henry Liu is not of & # 39 is amazing, in accordance with the books of the usual definition of trade in the Forex market. He never traded for any bank, not even a trader directly, but he cleverly unveiled their trade ideas on the Forex market in such a way that it helps many […]

These simple 5 steps will give you a big profit

This simple 5-step strategy will help you to facilitate trade while bringing you a steady income. For extremely successful trading is not necessary to complicate the strategy. In fact, a simple trading strategies have proven that they become more successful over time than a very sophisticated strategies. The reason for this paradox is that simple […]

Crypto-show in the Wild West continues

Here's a question that often arises: how do I choose which currency to invest crypto – or still are? Undoubtedly, that Bitcoin has captured the lion's share of crypto currency market (CC), and this is largely due to its FAME. This phenomenon is similar to what is happening in national politics in the world, if […]

Daily Forex and Daily News

If we assume that a trader has a lot of experience and expertise, it will be their own trade Daily Forex Market. He can use the automated help only when he is resting, but in most of its trading may well be carried out, flying on the seat of trousers & # 39 ;. All […]

Cryptocurrency "Rocky Road": ICO China ban

In the wake of the ban ICO in China, which comprehends the world cryptocurrency? The biggest event in the world cryptocurrency recently was a statement by the Chinese authorities to close the exchanges on which traded cryptocurrency. As a result, BTCChina, one of the largest stock exchange markets in China, announced that trading activity will […]

Solution for trading on Forex

Active traders have to agree with me, that trading on this day is not easy, especially if your life depends on the gains from trade. Several surviving hits that can be added to the toolbox for trading are as follows: The following trends: This strategy is used by most trading firms and individuals. It is […]