Movies Miami Style: Films set in a magical city

Miami may not be like Los Angeles or New York, cities where movies are constantly being shot around each corner. But, of course, Miami had a good deal of shooting. He may have been selected for the action of the movie and may have been selected for his location (it's hard to shoot a beach scene in Nebraska). Whatever the reason, Miami's presence at the cinema left other cities in Florida to get closer and shy about the autograph. Here is a short list of movies that were born in Miami:

From Justin to Kelly: As Miami outperforms every other city in America for the rituals of this film, it's beyond me. Seriously, the war of competition for this must have been worse with the competition at the Olympics or Super Bowl. Film film American Idol first winner and second placed, From Justin to Kelly It was enough for anybody to go from nausea to vomiting. Yes, it was seriously so bad. I would give a lengthy discussion of the plot, but it really was not. It's enough to say that the story involved more than singing, and pounding limbs to the same choreographic routine …. although they danced with towels in one scene. This, say, was magical.

There is something about Mary: One of the most entertaining films ever on the screen, this film was presented by Cameron Diaz as Mary, a girl whom men were willing to delight. These long lengths included catching, spying, mimicking, and dressing up a false British accent. Ben Stiller plays Ted, a clumsy but cute man in love with Mary; a man who wants to impress her, but finds himself somewhat less psychotic than the other guys. A definitive hit, this film had unforgettable scenes, with laughing loud moments. She also made us look at her hair gel forever.

Scarface: One time during the '80s, almost every teenager had a poster of this film on the wall of their bedroom. It's a story about Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, who comes to Florida as a Cuban refugee. After becoming a gangster, as a result of a boom of cocaine from the 1980s, he rose to the top of the world of organized crime in Miami just to crash. Originally published on a little enthusiasm, Scarface Since then, he has become a cult classic and one of the most famous films ever recorded; he forever left the movie lovers, considering him as one of their little friends.

Bad Boyz: A film that left us all wondering "what will you do when they come for you" Bad Boyz shows Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as two detectives in the Miami Police. After a $ 120 million drug was stolen, two detectives are given the opportunity to return drugs or lose their jobs. They argue and argue with each other, but their mutual love is also true, which leads to the comparison of this pair with those from Deadly weapon i Starsky and Hutch. Although this film is far-reaching – such as police drama often – it's fun, it's moving fast and the action is hard to pass. This film led to a sequel that was filmed in Miami.

Any Given Sunday: One of the most demanding films, Any Given Sunday includes actors and professional athletes. With part of the film shot in Miami, the Orange Bowl stadium was disguised in the home court for the fictitious football team, Miami Sharks. Al Pacino plays an intense coach, while Cameron Diaz plays the owner and is not very good at it. Soccer film differs to a great extent from those who are cordial Rudy or The Replacements. Instead, it shows internal action and a policy involved in running a professional team.

Brando Revolutionized Acting

Marlon Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska, to his mother and father alcoholics. His mother was an aspiring actress who worked in a regional theater with Henry Fond. His father, a commercial traveler for a fertilizer company. As a young man, Marlon the younger would fascinate his brothers and sisters – he had two sisters – and his mother with his strange ability to imitate specific human behavior. In one case, he terrified them by falling to the floor, "pretending to be" an epileptic attack. They were sure that the "seizure" was real.

The family moved from time to time and it seemed that Marlon the younger developed a tendency to get into trouble. At some point, his parents surrounded him at the Shattuck Military Academy in the hope that the new ambience would provide him with a degree of discipline and guidance. Their plan retreated when Marlon was thrown out (he was a notorious prankster and after a joke too Marlon was history). At some point, without the real tendency to talk about him, he came to New York and applied for some hours of acting. Irwin Piscator from the New School and Robert Lewis (formerly known acting teacher and director) were among his teachers. But the teacher who most influenced his craft, the one who recognized him as her most influential teacher, was Stella Adler. Ms. Adler was one of the original members Group Theater and daughter of James Adler, a giant in Yiddish Theater. Adler also taught him well, and Brando, who had a huge talent (Elia Kazan and Tennessee Williams thought he was a genius), became a master.

During the 1940s, Brando appeared on Broadway Tea Party In August, a flag was born, I remember mom, truck cafes and a tram called "Wish". After I saw Brenda at Maxwell Anderson Truckline Cafe, t Elijah Kazan was impressed. When it's time to cast a stake Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams & # 39; A tram called the Desire, Brando was his first choice. To seal the deal, Branda sent to Provincetown to audition for Tennessee Williams. Kazan took Brando 20 dollars and sent it. Three days later, Kazan received a call from Williams who told Kazan that Brando never appeared. Knowing Brand's habits, Kazan was convinced that Brando, the free spirit who was, used the money for something else and that now he set off to Provincetown to meet and read William. Of course, Kazan received a second phone call from Williams who said that Brando who finally arrived delayed because he was hungry and used money to buy food. He continued to hypnotize Williams by reading Stanley. That was it. Brando would play Stanley i Blanche, Stella and Mitch played by Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden (who played with Brenda in Truckline Cafe) , respectively. Nick Dennis, Peg Hilliard and Rudy Bond have been excavated Actors Studio to round up other major players and Irene O. Selznick, wife David O. Selznicka and Daisy B. Mayer's daughter, would produce.

When the rehearsals began, it began to form something extraordinary. Something neither Kazan nor Irena O. Selznick nor any other actors have ever experienced. Brando was the force of nature. First and foremost (by its own description) an instinctive actor, who followed his instincts at every step, sometimes confusing members of the actors. " It seems that his every word is not something to remember, but spontaneously expressing intense inner experience – what is the level of work that all players want to achieve. " Brando was inflammable, raw, vulnerable, alive and fierce. Nothing about his work was ignored or fictitious. "Marlon, working from the inside, drove his emotions to where he took him, his performance was full of surprises and surpassed what we Williams and I expected.

Those of you who watched the movie know that the criminal assessment of Brand performance is by no means an exaggeration. Brando was the embodiment of what it means " live true in given imaginary circumstances. " Sometimes there were complaints; "You never know what to do next, where it will be or what it will say." says Vivien Leigh, his actress in the movie version. Brando challenged other players and made them better for that. They were forced to "listen" and "react". He held them on his fingers and in the end everyone was grateful for making them better. He did not intend to compromise his instinctive choices because someone would have complained or, perhaps, offended.

One of the keys to good acting is learning the importance of staying at the moment, putting all your attention on subject to your behavior, listening, and you react from your true viewpoints. Meisner emphasized this in his technique and created it Repeat exercises to help actors develop their instincts. I have no idea if Brando had any influence on Meisner's technique. What I know is that Marlon Brando presented every specific quality that every good / good actor needs not only to be successful, but also to maintain a career. If you look at him over and over again, you will see why he had such an impact on all players with what he has ever done. It did not matter who opposes him, your attention is always drawn to him. When it's not on the screen, everything slows down. This is not a blow to other big players who came out of the scene and film. The fact is (in my humble opinion) that in his best bet there has never been anyone like him.

* This is a book about Borzo published by Alfred A. Knopf, INC. Copyright 1988 by Elia Kazan

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse at Omaha NE Review

I first went to Omaha to Nebraska for the first time to talk to a group of rheumatologists and their staff. In a private dining restaurant, Johnny was an Italian steakhouse on the west end of the city in a pretty new mall.

Now I have to admit a few things: I'm a born and raised girl from California, I never loved beef and I froze!

However, as soon as I entered, the atmosphere was warm, comfortable, smelling wonderful and very friendly housewife took me back to the private dining room where my speech was to be held. From there the waiters came to ask me what I would like to drink. After food allergy, I asked them to suggest what would be the best of the offered appetizers / attachments to order. They told me they would be happy to make sure I ordered a fillet of mignon, double-cut pork chops, grilled salmon or angelic chicken with chicken on the grill so that the cook adjusts the meal to suit my needs. They also checked which areas were served and informed me that they were "safe".

Although I am more a "vegetarian" person, I am all worried that I have to try filet grains and pride of the region. Before the meal, I managed to try a cocktail for smoking shrimp. The shrimps were quite tasty and full and served over dried ice (hence and smoking). I tried and grunted with goat cheese and shrimps, it was also very nice. The Kalamari looked beautiful, but unfortunately, and the bread filled with cheese was not on my list "canned".

Most of our group ordered a filet mignon. Ordering mines came without cabernet sauce and I had broccoli based on the onions instead of garlic puree that was not too cooked. The fillet was actually quite tasty and gentle. One lady had an angelic pasta with grilled chicken and fresh basil, which looked just as good.

I had to go to dessert, but a seasonal peppermint cake or decadent chocolate lava cake wanted me to have no food allergy to cow's products.

Coffee was good, soaked hot and the size of cups was perfect.

Would I go to Johnny's Italian steakhouse if he was in my yard? You bet. Good food, good atmosphere and wonderful staff – what more can you wish for dinner?

Executive Director of Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffett

There are not many people who can be deemed to have achieved true fame for their investment ability, but Warren Buffet is certainly among them. Warren Buffett Trivia will show that he was born in modest beginnings in Nebraska in 1930. Buffett seemed interested in a job from a young age. At the time he entered high school, he was already involved in a business venture that involved placing a pinball machine in a local company.

Warren Buffett's quiz will show that he has mastered economics at Columbia University, and from the earliest age his goal was to live as an investor. He started working for Benjamin Grahama in the 1950s. Graham was the man whose investment and finance theories were one of the main influences on Buffett's early studies.

Buffett would steadily and rapidly accumulate wealth in the next few years. Warren Buffett trivia will show that he is most commonly known as the CEO of Berkshire Hathawaya, a company that started buying in 1965. Some organizations in which he was the main player are Washington Post, Buffalo Evening News and ABC.

Quarrel Warren Buffett will show that he has been among Forbes 400 for many years, but in 2008 he was the richest man in the world. He achieved this by abolishing Microsoft's founders, Bill Gates, who was at the top of the list for many years until that moment. In the meantime, he was taken to the second place on the list, which is for two reasons. First, he donated millions of his resources to charity. Secondly, as an active investor, the 2008 recession has affected his fate more than Gates.

After his investment, Buffett's philanthropy must be addressed, because it is clearly established as one of the most important philanthropists in the world. Buffett publicly condemned the rich who will give their money to their descendants. He also publicly discussed his will. Although he wants his children to be comfortable and able to achieve the desired goals, he always wanted to aim, instead of simply living out of his wealth. He is known to have announced that 83% of his wealth will be provided by the Bill Foundation and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Creative Use of Web Conferences, Part 1

Web conferencing has been used so far in business applications. However, when people begin to realize that they can overcome all geographic barriers to online conferences, then some truly creative uses of this technology will begin to grow in all areas of life.

In fact, this is already happening here and here are some examples of how the conferences make what was impossible today, possible today.

When a resident of Nebraska, Cindy Holsing, found out that her two daughters, two daughters of the same day last spring, graduated from two different colleges, became depressed.

"My heart just sank," Holsing said. "I thought: that's what it is. We can not do anything." At first she thought that the best way to "attend" both concerts was to get the video tapes ceremony they would watch together.

However, when applying for a video tape for Midland Lutheran College, one of the staff in the college tried to find a better solution. He helped the Holsing family set up video cameras in those two moments and watched them through an online set-up conference costing less than $ 100.

On the day of graduation, Mr. and Mrs. Hosing went to one of the ceremonies and watched the other on the laptops that were registered to the video conference link. Both parents and both girls were satisfied.

Attending a wedding from Africa

A sickly mother in Pittsburgh, whose daughter was married in Florida, was faced with a similar dilemma. Monica Fournier, a cousin of the bride, said: "When I realized that my mother in Pittsburgh, waiting for a lung transplant, could not attend her daughter's wedding in Florida, I started looking for solutions."

"I've heard about video conferencing on the Internet, but I never tried and I had no idea if I could work for this opportunity." Monica added.

On the wedding day and wedding ceremony and video conferencing, they were successful and "my cousin was delighted that Mom could participate on her special day hundreds of miles away," Monica concluded.

These are just two examples of how video conferencing can allow people to be in two places at the same time and to participate in important family events regardless of obstacles.

As web and video conferencing become more popular, there will be a lot more stories of this type. In the next article, I will look at the ways in which online conferences will transform communication both at home and in the business area.

Why is over 90% of VoIP services vulnerable to attack?

In 2004, on September 13, 2004, John Ashcroft, State Prosecutor, said in his speech at the International Criminal Investigative Training Training Conference, "We have seen worms and viruses attacking … obstructing basic services … and with the increased use of the Internet, and especially peer-to-peer networking, we've seen that malware spreads faster and infects more computers than ever before.

In an article written by Daniel A. Morris, US Attorney-at-Law, computer and telecommunications coordinator in Nebraska, said in "Tracking a computer hacker" that "modern thieves can steal more computers than a gun," he may be able to make more damage with the keyboard than with a bomb. "

Ralph Echemendia, head of the Intense School, who trains managers on network security risks, said that "Telekom providers are one of the main targets for malicious attackers because they control communication for everyone."

Sophisticated hackers have learned how to use sensitive information that travels over the Internet, and their focal point is communication.

How is that possible?

It's pretty simple. First, you need to be aware that e-mail services work from the e-mail server, and web services work from the web server. Both email servers and web servers are built for data, not for voice.

Since VoIP has a voice, it requires a system that will convert voice into data packets to travel over the Internet, and then return to voice at the destination. However, VoIP should not be considered as yet another application that is in the data network, because it needs real-time service due to performance expectations (for example, Sound Quality).

Most VoIP computing phones require at least 20 kips (kilobytes per second) of bandwidth (data transfer capacity) for packets of data traveling over the Internet, which is why most require a minimum high-speed internet connection to function without damaging the voice quality.

Although in the minority, several VoIP servers, some of which are prominent, require at least less than 10 kips (kilobytes per second) of the bandwidth (capacity of information transmission), which makes their services can be used by dialing a connection or high speed (e.g. cable), satellite and wireless connections.

Over 90% of VoIP services use industry standard codecs (code codes) and industry standard protocols.

Computers are assigned a different number of Internet Protocol (IP) while on line, which is analogous to the mail in which you would have an identity location with your street number, city, state, and postal code.

In relation to the protocol, IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number that identifies the user and his computer. The industry standard codec and industry standard protocols are open and interpreted to the public. Unscrupulous hackers often trigger their attacks on VoIP over Internet Protocol services that work on these publicly open and interpretive standards.

Peer-to-peer services, as well as more than 90% of all VoIP telephone services, work on an industry standard and industry standard protocols. In other words, their lines are not safe.

IM services also create a target vulnerability to malicious hacker attacks by a simple monitoring program that allows the availability of electronic eavesdropping.

Bull Frogging

In the summer, just around the twilight, the choir frog starts vocalizing Webster Lake. In our bay, a deep bass sound, like the noise of a bull, ticks after they have remained in full voice. This singer is an American bullfrog or simply a bull's frog, as most of us call it. The famous amphibian frog found in the United States and Canada is a member of the Ranidae family, or "real frogs". The natural area of ‚Äč‚Äčeastern North America stretches from the Atlantic coast to the west of Oklahoma and Kansas. It has recently been introduced to Nantucket Island, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, California, Washington and Hawaii. It is considered an invasive species in these countries because it can surpass indigenous species of amphibians, disrupting the local ecological balance. In some foreign countries, such as Mexico, China, South Korea and Argentina, the frog is deliberately released, either as a food source or as a type of biological control.

So how'd you see the frog? Look for a variety of frogs with olive green back and sides and brown marks. The abdomen of the frogs will be white with gray or yellow spots. Namely, the upper lip is often light green, and the lower lip is much pale. Please note that the male throat is yellow and is smaller than the females. Inside the mouth of the frogs are tiny teeth that are used to capture small objects. The brown eyes of the frogs come out and have an almond-shaped irregular shape. You will find the bugs of the membrane (timpani) immediately behind the eyes and the dorsolar skin folds end near them. Males are bigger than his eyes, where the female is smaller than the eyes. Widths on the frog are either blotted or have gray strips. The forelegs are firm and short, with the long legs long and lean, capable of crossing the length of their body 10 times. Only the fingers on the legs are intertwined, except the fourth finger. Most bulls have about 3.6 to 6 inches. Growth is fast in the first eight months of life, and weight increases from 18.18 to 6.17 ounces. A larger, mature rifle can weigh 1.5 kg and up to 8 inches.

Found in large, permanent water surfaces, such as ponds, swamps, lakes and streams, male bulls defend their territory for a period of two to three months of mating. This season is from May to July. Males will claim that the locations are usually 9.8 to 10.7 feet away. They loudly invite at least three different territorial calls that serve not only as a threat to other men, but also to attracting women and meeting pre-conflict calls.

Males are formed into groups called choruses. These words are dynamic, they form and stay together for several days. After a short period of time they continue to create new choirs with different men. In order to establish domination within the choir, a man shows various aggressive behaviors, especially visually. Territorial males have inflated positions to show yellow colored throats, while non-territorial males stay in the water with only their heads in view. When two dominant men come into contact, they are wrestling! After all the male horses, the woman will finally choose a partner. When it's over, it deposits its 20,000 eggs on its shallow water.

As a boy who grew up on Lake Rock Table in Missouri, I remember many nights when my dad, two brothers and I left "frogs". American bulls are often found in a dining table, especially in the Midwest and in the southern parts of the United States. When a deep call is heard, the light fires temporarily on the frog. Then, when approaching slowly, carefully and quietly, the frog is thrown with a multiple spear (if it is legal), grabbing concerts or hand-picking. Normally, the last legs are eaten, like small dandelions and cooked in the same way. Little fun – American Bullfrog is a state amphibian from Missouri, Ohio and Oklahoma.

Most of us who have grown up in the United States share one more memory on the American bullfight – dissection in biology classes. I would not want to repeat, thank you!

Aging from EPSDT – Part VIII: Strategies

In the previous 7 posts, we have studied in detail what exactly is wrong with a system that forces children with disabilities to be covered by early and occasional screening, diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT) in Medicaid in order to become adults with disabilities covered. nothing. Now is the time to look at how the same families can find a way to cope with the reality of the broken system in which they work.

Become your adult adult provider

Some countries have implemented programs that allow parents or brothers to receive money from Medicaid in order to provide health care for their loved one with special needs. Programs are called "Cash and Counseling" or "Self-Directed Care" depending on the country. They are available in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

In short, your person entitled to Medicare must apply for a program, and the state will evaluate them to determine how many hours of home care should work each week. They use the "honest and usual" rate paid to home care workers in your geographic area, multiply by the estimated number of hours they believe your loved one will need, and give them a budget for that amount to work. They can choose to pay anyone (in some countries you have to lay a nursing class) and they can choose to pay any amount to or above the state minimum wage. (Keep in mind that this gives them the freedom to stop paying you and paying for a professional for a certain period of time if you need a break, which is a huge benefit to family careers in the world.)

Go to a Better Covered State for Medicaid

If you live in one of the 19 countries that have not yet accepted Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin or Wyoming), it may be difficult to accept, but moving to one of the remaining 31 states (or the District of Columbia) may be in your best interests. It can be a difficult task, of course – it depends on many factors, and the least of it is finding housing and employment – but if you can make that move, the effects on a loved one with disabilities can be huge.

If you try to go this route, there are a few things that you will have to do:

1. Make sure that Medicaid programs available at your target state will cover your beloved person (see Part III of this series).

2. Check the income and resource limits and ensure that you continue to qualify. (Some countries offer spending on resource constraints and others do not.)

3. Go.

4. Publish your new home country.

5. Sign up for Medicaid in your new home country.

6. Turn off your Medicaid in your former state.

It's hard to do it the easiest – but it may be best.

Use Facebook to advertise your FSBO

Have you tried everything, sell your home, and do nothing, use Facebook to advertise your FSBO!

There are many ways to help you achieve the purpose of selling your home, but none are simpler and more effective than using Facebook to achieve your goal.

Facebook, unless you live in a cave, is a new medium that can be used by individuals as well as companies to promote their own sales in the garage, selling your personal belongings or companies trying to reach customers for their commercial commodities.

This is a relatively new medium, since Facebook is a relatively new medium, however, it is effective and can give you access worldwide. You can easily create your own personal page, filled with your personal photos, or results from your latest hobbies, for all your friends, family and their friends and family to enjoy.

It's easy to do, if you have a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet, simply go to and create an account on Facebook, then log in and see your personal Facebook page.

One of the options in the left column of this page, you will notice that the text, pronouncing "pages", click on this text, and then in the middle of the next page, it will offer you the "Create Page" option He said.

Click on it, then you can type the title, as maybe, "My Home for Sale in Everything, Nebraska, then your Zip, and in the body of that form, give me several features of your home, along with other points marked: Your phone # want to people call and the price of your home, pictures and even the address, if you dare (not recommended for use of the Internet), you might want to book your address until you are contacted!

As soon as you finish completing this form, it will become public, and your friends and followers on Facebook will become aware of those pages. So, in the commentary, on the "Normal" Facebook page, you can invite them to view that page on their Facebook pages.

If they do, and if they "like" your new site, they advertise your house for sale then they will be able to see them on their page with friends and followers and then attract a new list of perspectives you would not know about.

The longer it stays and the more information or new information you provide, again your site of friends, family and followers, AND THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES & SERVERS The pages can see that information is changed and / or updated on their Facebook pages as long as they want!

Bat Masterson and Ogallala Bust-Out

In the summer of 1880, Billy Thompson was shot at a salon in Ogallala, Nebraska. After the shooting, the law kept him under guard at the only city hotel in Ogallala House, until he could judge and hang – which was left out of the conclusion of all residents. His brother Ben Thompson, a famous gambler and pistol, was convinced that the mob in Ogallala was waiting for him to come after Billy. He had reason to believe that if he appeared, they intend to make a tie for the two. Heding his bets, Ben urged his old friend, Bat Masterson, to free his brother from the claw of what was considered to be the guilty law of Ogallale.

It all started when Billy fought for the affection of the local whore with the shameful nickname of Big Alice. The owner of the limousine, Bill Tucker, claimed to be on duty and warned Billy to stay away from the girl. Billy, who did not know how to keep an eye on the warnings, continued to agree with Big Alice until he decided to confront Tucker in his salon, the Cowboy Holiday. After lowering the bowel with a lot of alcohol, Billy leaned back into the lounge and pulled a quick look at Tucker. The bullet caught the owner of the salon in his hand while serving the client a whiskey. Tucker quickly counted his fingers on his left hand and found that his thumb was missing, and three fingers were unpacked. He grabbed the towel for the bar, wrapped his bloody hand, and leaned behind the bar. Billy, thinking he had killed a man, picked up the gun and left the salon.

Tucker was far from the dead. He pulled himself behind a double-rifle bar. He ran to the door and with his good hand raised ten meters in Thompson, leaving with both barrels. Billy, who was just a short distance from the lounge, leaned forward to the street with five wounds on his back and buttocks. Tucker's friends took him to his house for medical help, while the law dragged Billy to the Ogallal House where he was treated and held in jail.

Because Ben Thompson saved his life or for whatever reason, Masterson felt obliged to help Ben take his dark brother from Ogalala and boarded a train to Nebraska. Having arrived in the city, which was just a little more than a few rugged buildings gathered around the Union Pacific on the north coast of the South Platte River, Bat examined the situation and discovered that he was opposed to the bad prospects. Bili's wounds made him incapable of riding a horse, so Bat had to figure out another way to get him out of town. He told Billy to pretend he was so weak he could not escape as he thought of the plan.

The Bat made friends with a young deputy who was in charge of keeping Billy at the hotel. They played cards to pass the time and often Bat paid for a round of drinks. After a few days, Bat saw his opportunity on Sunday night when the whole community came out to dance held at a school on the outskirts of the city. Sheriff, who was the best pirate player in the area, liked to play and keep a lot of dancing until little hours the next morning.

The night of the dance, the house of Ogallala was emptied, leaving only Bat, Billy, deputy and bartender named Jim Dunn. Masterson managed to bribe Dunne to insert "Mickey Finn" into one of the whiskeys he ordered for himself and the guard. The guard dropped the drunk and Bat called another round. A few minutes after another drink, the guard collapsed to the floor. The Bat paid the bartender and ran into Billy's room where he wore a wounded man. Then he raised Billy into the carpet, lifted him over his shoulder and led to the warehouse. They arrived just as the train entered the station about midnight. The Bat boarded the train, lifted Billy to the place, and quietly left for North Platte fifty kilometers east of Ogallala.

About two o'clock in the morning, they retreated to North Platte where Bat took Thompson and descended down the stairs to the station. It was black, but along the street, Masterson could see the gases in Dave Perry's salon. He managed to pull Billy through the door of the salon and put it on a billiard table. Fortunately, Bill Cody sang in the salon and told stories to his friends. The Bat explained their situation, and Cody, who was always a showman, dramatically swore that they would personally take care not to fall into the hands of the Ogallal authorities and allow them to return them to Dodge City.

Here's where the story goes comic. Not speaking to her wife, Cody gave Masterson his new fetal cabin and a well-hatched horse to transfer Billy from Nebraska. In addition, he offered them to accompany them along with a group of dignitaries who led him to a large cattle ranch about twenty-five miles south of North Platte. The Europeans, sent by General Sheridan, visited the West to see firsthand the wilderness of the border, and Cody was in charge of leading them to the Keith ranch. Twenty foreigners were eager to see Buffalo Bill taking them through the wild plains and he was in his element – full of grandiose gestures and dramatic talent.

As the caravan met, Cody asked Masterson to drive his two-component wagon and let a second ranch drive a Thompson carriage. The Bat quickly discovered that a small amount of food and a huge amount of alcohol were loaded in the caravan. All riders received a drunken drink, and then Cody gave the group a sign to go on their journey. After a short trip, Cody stopped riding a rest, which included a large amount of "ongoing refreshments". He repeated this routine for a few more stops while the caravan now did not have a great old time, but it was harder and harder to stay in the saddle.

Finally, Cody, who turned in the saddle, pulled out to the car and stumbled across the boat. He fell asleep immediately and Bat remained in charge of leading the group in the south. Shishmis, who also had his part of the current refreshment, was barely able to sail in a car and after a short distance hit the rim and rolled the wagon on the back. Masterson was thrown out of the car, but Cody was trapped under the bed, covered with "refreshments". The bat fell on his face and carried a bloody cut in his lower lip. He and the others managed to straighten the caravan only to find that Cody was unharmed and wondered what happened in the thunder.

They finally reached Keith's Ranch where they had dinner, and Cody sobered enough to entertain her escorts with her legendary shooting and riding skills. The next morning, Masterson, who had a swollen lips and a massive hangover, moored Cody's fetus and headed for Dodge City with Billy. Shortly after he left the ranch, a massive black cloud fluttered them from the west that drowned them in the torrential rain of the frostbite. She continued to rain for the rest of their journey for two hundred miles.

A few days later, Mrs. Cody's carriage went to Dodge City, and Masterson on the reins and Thompson wrapped in a moist buffalo dress. Both were covered with mud and thoroughly soaked. Trembling, Bat pushed a tired horse toward his favorite hotel where hot baths and decent meals were always available. Billy moved under his bison and asked to stop first in the telegraph office where he wired the sheriff Ogalala. The message said that he must have arrived in Dodge and the sheriff could find him there if he wanted to come for him.

Over the years, Billy Thompson has been accused of many things, but never, he was never very clever. Luckily, for Billy, the sheriff decided that he was not worth the effort and let the thing turn out.