Cryptocurrency "Rocky Road": ICO China ban

In the wake of the ban ICO in China, which comprehends the world cryptocurrency?

The biggest event in the world cryptocurrency recently was a statement by the Chinese authorities to close the exchanges on which traded cryptocurrency. As a result, BTCChina, one of the largest stock exchange markets in China, announced that trading activity will be terminated until the end of September. This news catalyzed sharp sale that left bitcoin (and other currencies such as Eteryum) that fell approximately 30% lower than the record high achievements reached at the beginning of the month.

Thus, the roller coaster continues. As in December 2016 for September 2017 increased bitcoins that exceed four times as much, some analysts predict that cryptocurrency can recover from the recent fall. Josh Mahoney, the IG market analyst, commented that cryptocurrency & # 39; "Past experience tells us that (they are) likely to avoid these problems in the past aside."

However, these sentiments do not supratspastupayuts. Mr. Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said that bitcoin "not working" and that this "fraud … worse than the tulip bulbs (with reference to the Dutch & # 39; tulip mania & # 39; 17th century , recognized as the world's first speculative bubble that will explode … … ". It goes to the point that says to lay off employees who have been foolish enough to trade bitcoin.

Speculation aside, what actually happens? Since the ICO ban on China and other leading world economy in a new way is considered as kryptovalyuty world should / can be adjusted in their regions. Rather than prohibit ICO, other countries continue to recognize the technological advantages of the crypto-technology and seek to control the market, do not zadushvayuchy with growth rates. The big problem for these economies to the & # 39 is to figure out how to do it, because the alternative character cryptocurrency does not allow them to be classified under a traditional policy of investment assets.

Some of these countries include Japan, Singapore and the United States. These economies are seeking to establish accounting standards for cryptocurrency, mainly for anti-money laundering and fraud, which were made more elusive due kryptatehnalogii. However, most regulators do recognize that there is no real benefit from a complete ban cryptocurrency due to economic flows, which they carry out. Also, probably because it is virtually impossible to close the crypto world as long as there is Internet. Regulators can focus only on the areas where they may be able to control a control that seems to be located where cryptocurrency occur with minor currencies (ie exchange cryptocurrency).

While kryptovalyuty seems to be subject to more scrutiny over time, countries such as Hong Kong, benefit. Since the ban Chinese ICO many founders kryptovalyuty projects have been transported from the mainland to the city. Aurelian Menanteau, CEO Gatecoin, said the company has received "a large number of requests from the founders blockchain projects based on the mainland," and that there is a surge in the number of Chinese customers who are registered on the platform.

Looking a little further, companies such as Nvidia's, expressed positivity of this event. They argue that the ban ICO will feed only their GPU sales, because the ban is likely to increase the demand on the GPU, connected with cryptocurrency. From the prohibition is the only way to get cryptocurrency obtained by the GPU, it is to extract them from the computing power. Thus, people who want to get cryptocurrency in China, and now need to get more processing power, as opposed to direct purchases via stock exchanges. In fact, Nvidia's mood lies in the fact that it does not spiral slide for kryptovalyut; in fact, get the momentum and other industries.

In the light of all the unrest and controversy surrounding cryptocurrency integration of this technology into the global economy seems to be quickly implemented. Do you believe in the future of technology, do not think that this "fraud … which explode," kryptovalyuta in the roller coaster is worthy of your attention.

Source by Darlie Amatmontree

News review of the system of income – You can trade the news with interest?

Welcome to my review of the system News Profiteer. This system has helped in my trade. Once you've learned a bit about the news, you get the advantage, as many of the big traders with very large posts using news.

After a long search on the Internet reviews and reviews of the system, I was hoping to find at least a few bad words about it. If you look at the other forex trading systems on the Internet, for example, some forex robots, you will always get at least a few people who are talking about it. I found one bad comment to it, and it looked pretty cliché. It says: "Do not worry – do not work, do not work, do not believe everything you hear." Not much evidence of the details that we need to continue. And all the other reviews have been positive. So I went down and coughed up $ 197 to get the system.

What you actually get

In this day and age of confused "long" sheets of sales, which often leave people (well, I somehow differently) disappointed because they do not reach down to it, lasted only a dream, I thought that for the benefit of the readers I would list it what you get with the system, including all the rest is sold to you after registration. You get:

  1. E-book 113 pages in PDF format
  2. Free month of weekly newsletters
  3. Every day, you can expect that to expect the currency markets, which trade news and why

So is it worth?

With any forex trading system, much depends on the user. This is not a cop – it's a fact. Talk to anyone who regularly sends advices and bids, and they'll tell you that in exactly the same signal as a stop-loss and target, people will get a lot of different results. A few people get to the goal, to rescue some earlier, others are welling to break even, and still somehow lost, perhaps breaking the stop too early.

BUT – this system is really easy to implement and simple. I believe that this is an important moment. In my experience, it's simple system, and they & # 39 are the best. If you practice this system correctly, I think you would get a 80% winning system. That's all you need to become a millionaire – a system that wins 80% of the time. You do not really have a need to do so – just profitable system which you can increase.

More torque, which attracted me to this system is that it gives you an advantage. On the Internet, there are a variety of statistics about how many people fail in trading. Some say 95%, some say 90%. I do not know where these figures come from, but it took several years and a lot of struggle to become profitable, I believe that this is a high figure. If you want to successfully trade forex, it is necessary to conduct as a business. This means that you need some kind of advantage over all the other millions of traders around the world who trade in the Forex market. Not everyone can get rich – this is true, because the stock market and forex all behave in a way that the majority always loses and a minority win.

Trade with the big dogs

We all see the huge steps that make the news. This is the big players that move the markets – how is it that they are always in the first place? They have an advantage – knowledge of fundamental news and their consequences – and it also gives you.

Think – how many traders learn and really understand the news and how it adab & # 39; etsya on the market? Not many! Of course, many traders will look at the economic calendar, but most traders learn the latest technical analysis indicator. Typically, most traders do not understand the news and how different releases adab & # 39; are on the market. In this business, you need to have an edge over other traders. Am I right? Many big traders said that like they do not have in them?

Henry Liu really gets into the main news and how to understand it. It shows you that the book is really simple and easy way. This is reinforced by the daily letters that are sent. One of the best moments in this course and daily emails – this is what you have also learned how to do the preliminary deal with the news. You learned about the extended fundamental analysis – in my opinion, is the missing link to trade in the Forex market. Can you trade news for profit? Yes!

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Solution for trading on Forex

Active traders have to agree with me, that trading on this day is not easy, especially if your life depends on the gains from trade. Several surviving hits that can be added to the toolbox for trading are as follows:

The following trends: This strategy is used by most trading firms and individuals. It is assumed that currency and securities, which are growing steadily, will continue to grow. Then they try to enter the market as traders Fibonacia called "Retracements" or "Pull Backs / Corrections". If a trader, who & # 39 is a follower of the trend, finds, or is aware of the market Trend is UP, it is only waiting for the price to correct or significantly reduced, and then join the Secondary Trend, before it resumes the upward movement. Trender-traders believe that in any market, there are three types of trend; primary or main tendency, and less tendency of the secondary or opposite tendency. Primary trend – is the main trend of the day, week or month, depending on whether, in what period of time a trader chooses bids, and that he believed his VALOZHNAY picture of the market, while the secondary trend – the restoration of the main trends of completed restoration or rollback after market . Small trend – a movement in the direction of canceling up, and then fall in prices becomes insignificant trend, and most times does not last as long as the main trend. Quite often we can see a slight trend that diverts as much 50% to 61.8% the previous movement of the main trend before skarektsyya correction.

Playing News: This strategy consists in buying or selling a currency or security of the country, which has just announced good news for the economy. An example is what happened in the third week of February 2009. Appropriations bill President Obama's stimulus has just been approved by Congress. The news of this event sparked a wave over the weekend that gave birth to the third week, and within a week the US dollar recorded several weekly highs against all major currencies in the world. It should be noted that the markets just went against all the technological forecasts of information in conjunction with other fundamental news, which were not favorable pound sterling and the euro. On the following websites you can get news from etc. Excellent strategy, you can learn how to profitably use your news when trading the news. This allows you to open the buying stop and sell stop orders for a few minutes before the start of an important news.

Trading range: with this strategy, a trader seeks to buy when the market moves in to support the level of resale zone and again sells in the range, when the market went into a zone perakuplennya on the level of resistance. Hezhery also use this if you are not sure that market.

Scalping: This is usually defined as a very quick trade. Scalper can simply operate in either 1 minute or 5 minutes – a frame takes only about 5 points to 10 points in a single transaction and concludes about 50 trades in a single trading day. The use of multiple and large lot sizes can make this strategy very useful, as well as risky.

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Stay up with Bitcoin

Bitcoin – a kibervalyuta, which attracted a lot of media attention over the past couple of years and continues to do so. In 2009, the Bitcoin was created by an anonymous group or individual, who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, after which he called the smallest unit of currency Bitcoin. This is the first and perhaps the most widely known cryptocurrency. Initially, bitcoin, which is only interested in the Internet elite, recently acquired wider lovable character and commands respect for the currency.

How does the bitcoin?

The finer details of how the bitcoin can be difficult, since it is not under central control, like an ordinary currency, but instead each transaction collectively approved network users. No coins, no bills, no bars are stored in the repository, but Bitcoin supply is limited, it will stop at the level of 21 million. Every 10 minutes 25 Bitcoin show "bitcoins", and every 4 years the number of issued Bitcoins halved until the limit is reached. This means that after 2140 there will be a continuation of Bitcoin.

Why would I want news about bitcoin?

The price has historically been very volatile, with significant peaks and dips at intervals. Recently, the price of Bitcoin has grown more than 10 times in just two months. In 2013, several million bitkoinav were made overnight, if their value bitcoin wallets rose sharply. If you already hold a few bitkoynav in its digital wallet or going toe to dip into the water, then you really need to keep up with Bitcoin News. Trade Bitcoin has become increasingly popular alternative to or in addition to the normal foreign exchange trading and growing support as more brokers takes a step.

Despite the gradual decline in the opening of Bitcoin, Bitcoin interest in the news continues. There is a real and constant demand for up to the minute, reliable information about its value. Bitcoin has recently received strong approval from PayPal, which certainly strengthened the confidence in its credibility as a reliable alternative to regular bank card or in cash transactions on the Internet and on the street. It can somehow reassure the Bitcoin critics, who argue that the system is used for the approval or verification of transactions, called Blockchain, and a & # 39 is a dangerous and vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

Forex News – How world news affect currency

Or are you just starting out with forex or have experience in this, but it is very important that you stay on top of Forex news that take place in this area. Staying intact with what is happening around the world in your industry can sometimes cause admiration. Moreover, it seems a globalized world, that something happens somewhere every moment.

financial news

Here we list some of the latest news that took place in and around the forex industry, as well as in some way affect your business. Remember that the currency exchange is always in pairs, so you will need to receive relevant news about the comparison of two different currencies or commodities. A few examples of relevant news which would affect the various currencies around the world;

– Recent history has reported that retailers just leaned to the net short position on the same day when the British pound rally scored 200 points plus.

-Forex traders watch as the US housing decreases very sharply when evaluating mortgage market f & # 39; yuchersav.

-If the Fed made its recent depreciation, one service Forex News reported that the US dollar expectations, "served as a stone."

– Fears of a recession in the US could make the dollar even lower than it is. (The trade Forex that dollar drop is not considered negative, while the trader uses drop at higher securities trading currencies around the glove.

political news

Most people have the wrong impression that the news about the currency and finance – is the only thing that interests any forex trading, but political news is very important, as they can give you a hint of political movement of different nations and at where is their country. . You need to make sure that you follow the trend, which goes all over the world.

Foreign exchange and financial news – not only news of interest to investors and Forex traders. Forex traders are also interested in political news that can affect the country's currency.

-Tragichesky events such as the murder of a political leader can affect currency f & # 39; yuchersy in a country where there is, and can have a ripple effect in surrounding areas; for example, killing Bhutto in Pakistan.

-Naturalnyya disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or typhoon can consume large amounts of resources in the country; Therefore, Forex traders watch news of such disasters.

-Palitychnyya events such as the US presidential election cycle, have a significant impact on the assessment of the currency; Therefore, Forex news updates containing the presidential candidates, primary elections and general elections.

news analysis

Forex news services add value to the news that they are analyzing current events and predicting how they will affect the exchange rates of various currencies around the world.

Some popular sources of research and Forex analysis: Daily FX, Rabobank Technical FX Daily, Scotia FX, TRL, Mizuho Corporate Bank, CIBC World Markets, BHF Bank and Mellon Foreign Exchange.

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What is a ICO in cryptocurrency?

ICO – this brief initial proposal Coin. When you start a new cryptocurrency or crypto token developers offer investors a limited number of units in exchange for other large crypto-coins, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

ICO with the & # 39 are countries with a tool for easy rain funds for development to support the new cryptocurrency. Tokens proposed during ICO, can be sold and traded on the stock exchanges cryptocurrency, provided that they have enough demand.

ICO Ethereum – one of the most notable successes and the popularity of the initial coin supply increases when we are talking about.

A Brief History of ICO

Ripple, probably the first cryptocurrency, distributed through ICO. In early 2013 Ripple Ripple Labs began developing and created around 100 billion XRP token payment system. They were sold through the ICO to finance Ripple development platform.

Mastercoin – is another cryptocurrency, sell a few million tokens for Bitcoin time ICO, also in 2013. Mastercoin directed to tokenization Bitcoin transactions and perform smart contracts, creating a new layer on top of the existing Bitcoin code.

Of course, there are other cryptocurrency successfully financed through ICO. Back in 2016 Lisk has collected about $ 5 million at the time of its original proposal coins.

However, ICO Ethereum, which took place in 2014, probably with the & # 39 is best known until now. During the ICO Foundation Ethereum ETH sold for 0.0005 each Bitcoin, collecting nearly $ 20 million. With Ethereum, who uses the power of intelligent contracts, he opened the way for the next generation of the initial monetary proposals.

Ethereum ICO – a recipe for success

Smart contracts Ethereum system implemented ERC20 standard protocol, which establishes the basic rules for creating other compatible tokens that can be performed on blokcheyne Ethereum. This allowed others to create their own tokens, ERC20 appropriate standard to be traded on the ETH directly to Ethereum network.

DAO – a notable example of the successful use of intelligent contracts Ethereum. Investment ETH collected $ 100 million, and investors received in exchange DAO brand, allowing them to participate in the platform management. Unfortunately, DAO failed after cracking.

ICO Ethereum and ERC20 protocol outlined the latest generation of projects based on the crowdfunding-based blokcheyna by initial proposals coins.

It is also possible to easily invest in other ERC20 markers. You just pass the ETH, put a contract in her purse, and new tokens will appear in your account so you can use it as you like.

Obviously, not all tokens have cryptocurrency ERC20, living in Ethereum network, but almost any new project based on blockchain, can begin the initial proposal of coins.

The legal status of ICO

When it comes to the legality of ICO, then it is a little jungle. Theoretically, tokens are sold as digital goods, not financial assets. Most jurisdictions do not regulate the ICO, but on condition that the founders have an experienced lawyer of his team, the whole process should be paperless.

However, some jurisdictions have become known ICO and are already working on their regulation in the same way the sale of shares and securities.

Back in December 2017 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has classified the brand ICO as securities. In other words, the SEC is preparing to stop the ICO, which they consider ghostly investors.

There are some cases where a marker – it's only utility. This means that the owner can simply use it to access to a specific network or protocol, and in this case they can not be identified financial security. However, shares of labeling, the purpose of which is & # 39 valuation, quite close to the concept of security. In truth, most of the purchases of tokens is specifically for investment purposes.

Despite the efforts of regulators, ICO is still trapped in a legal gray area, and it is not a clear set of rules will be introduced, entrepreneurs will try to take advantage of the initial proposals of coins.

It should also be noted that, as soon as the rules to achieve the final shape, the cost and effort required to implement them, can make ICO less attractive compared to conventional financing options.

Final words

At the moment, ICO remains a strange way of financing new crypto-projects, and there were several successful.

However, keep in mind that all of today unveiled ICO, and many of these projects with the & # 39 are scams or do not have a solid foundation, so that they can thrive and make it worth the investment. For this reason, you absolutely must hold a thorough investigation and research team and the background of all those kryptapraektav in which you might want to invest. There are several websites that list the ICO, and we recommend that you check the calendar ICO, if you are interested. invest in kryptapraekt.

Source by Alexandra Vasiliu

crypto currency volatility, bitter lucrative US

This year, we can observe that cryptocurrency usually move up and down, even 15% of the daily. These price changes is known as volatility. But what if … this is perfectly normal, and abrupt changes & # 39 is one of the characteristics cryptocurrency allowing a good profit?

First of all, cryptocurrency hit the mainstream recently, so all the news and rumors about their "hot". After each application of state officials about the possibility of regulation or prohibition cryptocurrency market we are seeing huge price movements.

Secondly, the nature of cryptocurrency more like a "store value" (as gold was in the past) – many investors see it as a backup option of investing in stocks, in physical assets such as gold and immutable (traditional) currency. transmission rate also affects the instability cryptocurrency. With the fastest of them even transfer takes a few seconds (up to a minute), making them a great asset for short-term trading, if there is currently no good trends in other types of assets.

The fact that everyone should keep in mind – this rate is also associated with trends in life crypto currencies. While in conventional markets, trends can last for months or even years – here it happens in a matter of days and hours.

This brings us to the next point – although we talk about the market value of hundreds of billions of dollars, this is still a very small amount compared with the daily on & # 39 trading volume compared to the traditional foreign exchange market or in shares. Thus, the only investor who commits 100 million of transactions in the stock market will not cause huge changes in prices, but the crypto currency market scale is significant and noticeable deal.

Since the crypt with currency & # 39 are digital assets, they are subject to maintenance and software update function cryptocurrency blokcheyn or expanding co-operation to make it more attractive to potential investors (eg, SegWit activation mainly caused a doubling of the value of Bitcoin).

These elements are combined with the & # 39 are the reason that we are seeing such a big change in prices for cryptocurrency for a few hours, days, weeks, etc.

But responding to a question from the first point – one of the classic rules of trade – buy low, sell high – so every day is short, but a strong trend (rather than weaker lasted weeks or months as the shares), giving a much better chance decently to make a profit if used correctly.

Source by Mike Alexander

Simple trend breakout in forex simple overview of the system – how does it work?

Ever wondered how the Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System? It's Forex trading system is based on the volatility of viewing and color indicators that are designed to ensure that traders have been very easy to understand and follow their instructions. Although this may seem like news trading system as the fact that many traders ask the Internet, it is certainly not, though it does alert about the news very easily.

1. How can you use a light trading on Forex trading to make a profit from a & # 39; ads news related to the forex market?

This is due to the fact that performance can work for 1 minute and 5-minute charts that show a lot of income opportunities for the most volatile periods. I also do not need to spend a lot of hours every day in front of my computer screen, compared with what was taught some other forex trading systems before. Long entry marked white vertical line, the output is marked with a red dot, a short transaction – red vertical lines marked blue dots as the exit point.

2. How many currency pairs you can trade using a simple trading system Easy Forex Breakout Trend?

I am required to choose either aggressive or conservative strategy before deciding whether to use indicators. These two systems are explained accurately in detail and help traders to choose the most appropriate system for their own risk profile. He works on several currency pairs, as MT4 indicators can work effectively over the majority of the chart patterns. This makes it very easy to find breakthroughs in any timing in the present template.

3. Where you can watch demonstrations of how to really look the color indicators trending system Easy Forex Breakout Trend?

His website contains several videos that are very useful for viewing as painted figures in the visual detail. In addition, each strategy and the indicator clearly explained to me and to other members using the training video lessons that show step by step how to carry out the strategy. I can also choose to either aggressive or conservative trading style on different time frames.

Shorter, definitely more volatile, and I usually like to use a conservative approach when trading short time frames. This approach increased my profit, but of course, you have to choose the appropriate risk levels for their own risk tolerance.

Source by William Barnes

Trading foreign exchange Latest News

Trading foreign exchange on the stock exchange allows traders to profit and never have to leave the comfort of the office or at home. Forex trading (foreign exchange) is now available on any computer, and the markets are open twenty-four hours a day and five days a week.

What is FOREX

Forex – is the term for foreign exchange trading in global markets. currency trading allows nations to build up foreign currency reserves to be used in economic transactions and purchases. Investors are becoming part of the process and seek to acquire foreign currency which is exchanged at a lower rate, with the prospects of changes in exchange rates and the subsequent currency is worth more. Many trade in the Forex market on a daily basis and there is a computer & # 39; computer programs and applications that help in buying and selling procedures. Many applications will automatically make trades when foreign currency reaches a certain rate as compared to other currencies. Larger banks and stock markets, such as of CITI, could help in currency trading and to manage accounts for investors.

top stories

On the foreign exchange markets there are several web sites that represent the smallest news. Any investor who seeks to recover their investment, should be kept in the currency markets. Web sites such as, will keep investors informed of all the Forex news. These websites constantly scan market information and report on all the trends in the market. Such loans, as the decline in value of the euro during the financial crisis in Ireland, and a meeting of the British pound against the euro allow investors to quickly adjust trading strategies to reach the right market and avoid losses. currency exchange work on the same principles as any outdoor shopping market, while remaining aware of the changes allows investors to maximize profits and reduce risk.

With all the immediate news relating to foreign exchange, the investor would be wise to subscribe to the news service, which remains at the top of the market and automates the trading process. The cost of these services will be covered with confidence bids that maximize profit every day.

Source by James C. Feldon

What you need to know about Forex brokers online system

Although the primary function of the online forex broker with a & # 39 is to provide a trading platform from which a trader can receive real-time accurate quotes and perform fast, reliable trading, some provide many other services that can be obtained from potential customers.

For example, some of these places may even organize trading trading for people who do not know the currency speculation. Others even offer automated trading services to people who want to invest in Forex, but have neither the inclination nor the time nor the inclination to manage your account on forex.

Even if you are not looking for an online broker forex trading system with all the outside, most of them offers graphics and news that affect the foreign exchange markets, in addition to free "demo" accounts that allow unchecked forex traders to trade fake money in real time, so that they can feel how everything works.

Trading Education Forex even more important than for other types of speculation and investment, as stocks and options because FX – more complex "game".

This is because many things can affect the value of currencies, and so you have to find an online forex trading broker that provides education and analysis, and scrolling news that warn you of relevant news that is important to know. If you re-currency trader. For example, decisions of the Federal Reserve interest rate should not be sought on other sites.

Even if you have passed the high-quality training in the Forex market, smart traders subscribe to newsletters written by professional currency traders, offering both fundamental and technical analysis of the markets. The best of these mailings will even alert you to configure specific transactions and you have an idea to make money.

Remember that in the end, if you are just starting out in the currency in the Forex training is of paramount importance, because the lever in this game is so high; happiness can really be done or lost in days, hours and even minutes.

Source by Dan Ho